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Source text in English

The Beginning

All in a moment, years ago,
The boy I was became a man:
Suddenly my life began!
I saw the world before me— So
That ploughman by his horses stands
Sweating on the first hill's brow,
Having left the riverlands
Furrowed in the vale below,
And sees a mountainside to plough,
Barren rock to blunt his share,
Thunder hanging in the air,
And the black peak above him, bare,
Waiting now.
—Let him plough it if he dare!

The winning entry has been announced in this pair.

There were 7 entries submitted in this pair during the submission phase. The winning entry was determined based on finals round voting by peers.

Competition in this pair is now closed.

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Entry #30202 — Discuss 0 — Variant: Standard-İstanbul
Eser Perkins
Eser Perkins
Voting points1st2nd3rd
5311 x44 x21 x1
Entry tagging:
  • 2 users entered 2 "like" tags
Flows well
adam oluve​rdi, çocuk​ olan olan​ ben
Nizamettin Yigit
kara, çıplak bir zirve
Flows well
Entry #29753 — Discuss 0 — Variant: Standard-İstanbul
Voting points1st2nd3rd
204 x42 x20
Entry tagging:
  • 1 user entered 1 "like" tag
  • 1 user agreed with "likes" (1 total agree)
o rençber,
Good term selection
Ece Nalbantoglu
Entry #29999 — Discuss 0 — Variant: Standard-İstanbul
Voting points1st2nd3rd
122 x41 x22 x1
Entry tagging:
  • No "like" tags
Entry #30307 — Discuss 0 — Variant: Standard-İstanbul
Voting points1st2nd3rd
111 x43 x21 x1
Entry tagging:
  • No "like" tags
Entry #29494 — Discuss 0 — Variant: Standard-İstanbul
Voting points1st2nd3rd
102 x41 x20
Entry tagging:
  • No "like" tags
Entry #30137 — Discuss 0 — Variant: Standard-İstanbul
Voting points1st2nd3rd
101 x41 x24 x1
Entry tagging:
  • 2 users entered 2 "like" tags
  • 1 user disagreed with "likes" (1 total disagree)
Good term selection
Yıllar önce, bir demde,
Good term selection
Emre Demirtas
Entry #29687 — Discuss 0 — Variant: Not specified
Voting points1st2nd3rd
81 x42 x20
Entry tagging:
  • No "like" tags translation contests translation contests offer a fun way to take a break from your normal routine while testing and honing your skills with fellow translators. Translation Contests. Patent pending.

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