Wordfast-PRO - Level 1

Format: One-on-one training
Topic: Wordfast training

Course summary
Availability:This training is available on-demand

Dates and times are arranged between the lecturer and the student.

The training will last 3 (three) hours and it is provided on a one-on-one basis, using Skype or the GoToWebinar platform.

Prepare your questions before the class! You can send your questions to the support center as a wish list before the one-on-one session. Be the author of your training!

When the session is complete, request a certificate of attendance by submitting a support request. It will be available for download from your ProZ.com profile under "Training sessions attended".

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"The presentation was clear, systematic and easy to follow. The trainer was easy to understand and did not talk too fast."

"Very good teacher! Now I can start use Wordfast Pro"

Summary:You will be able to learn how to use this CAT TOOL and go straight to the points you would like to learn and get familiar with! You will be a sole attendee of this webinar and all trainer's attention will be focused on your specific needs.
This first module offers a one-on-one, 3 hours on-line training session on Wordfast-PRO for beginners, covering the most required topics.

Learn how to set up and use the general features of Wordfast PRO from what a TM is to the output of the final translated document. Prepare a list of questions and issues you may have when using the CAT tool and ask the trainer for assistance on the one-on-one training.

Course program:

  • General knowledge about CAT TOOLS
  • What is a TM and how it works
  • What is a GLOSSARY and how it works
  • How to create a Translation Project with Wordfast-PRO
  • Translation flow process
  • Output of the final translated document.

  • Further development:

    Wordfast-PRO – Level 2

    Target audience
    - Freelancers starting in the translation industry.
    - Experienced freelancers who want to expand their knowledge on CAT TOOLS.
    - Outsources who want to get new expertise.
    - Project managers that want to learn new techniques to improve their performance.
    Learning objectives
    Improve the consistency of your translations
    Have your Glossary and TM at your fingertips
    Boost your annual income
    General knowledge of your Operative System and MS-Office
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    Course program:

    1) General knowledge about CAT TOOLS
    2) What is a TM and how it works
    3) What is a GLOSSARY and how it works
    4) How to create a Translation Project with Wordfast-PRO
    5) Translation flow process
    6) Output of the final translated document.
    Software and system requirements (click to expand)
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    Virtual platform system requirements

    For PC-based Users:

    • Required: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server
    • Required: Internet Explorer® 7.0 or newer, Mozilla® Firefox® 3.0 or newer or Google™ Chrome™ 5.0 or newer (JavaScript™ and Java™ enabled)
    • Internet Connection Required: Cable modem, DSL, or better Internet connection
    • Recommended: Dual-core 2.4GHz CPU or faster with 2GB of RAM (recommended)

    For Mac®-based Users:

    • Required: Mac OS® X 10.5 – Leopard® or newer
    • Required: Safari™ 3.0 or newer, Firefox® 3.0 or newer or Google™ Chrome™ 5.0 or newer (JavaScript™ and Java™ enabled)
    • Internet Connection Required: Cable modem, DSL, or better Internet connection
    • Required: Intel processor (1GB of RAM or better recommended)

    To Use VoIP (microphone and speakers or headset):

    • Required: Fast Internet connection (384 kbps or more recommended)
    • Required: speakers or headset (USB headset recommended)
    • NOT required: Microphone - attendees can communicate with the trainer through incorporated chat.


    • For the visual section of the training course, we recommend that you have a 64kbps link. This means using an ISDN line or Broadband. Wireless connection is NOT recommended.
    • For the audio section of the training course, we recommend that you have a headset or speakers.
    • We recommend that you log in 30 minutes in advance of the start time to prepare for the training course.

    Courses will be open half an hour before the start time. Please login before the start time to ensure that everything on your system is working correctly.
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    Once have purchased your spot, you will appear on the attendees list as "registered and paid" and the trainer will contact you to define the date and time for your session.
     Paolo Sebastiani    View feedback | View all courses
    Bio: Paolo Sebastiani is an English-Italian, French-Italian and German-Italian Professional Translator with over 20 years of experience in Italy and abroad. He obtained his first University degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Urbino in 1991 and his second University degree in Political Studies, at the same University in the year 2000. He founded his Translation Agency, Eurolingua, in 1994 and since then has been working as translator, interpreter and Cat-Tool official Trainer. He has organized many in-person training courses about Wordfast, SDL Trados and Atril Dejavu in different Italian towns and as a ProZ.com Professional Trainer, has run many Wordfast-PRO, Wordfast-Classic and Wordfast-Anywhere training sessions for progressive knowledge acquisition with excellent feedbacks.
    Paolo lives in Rimini, Italy

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