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ProZ.com Newsletter: June 2010

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ProZ.com Newsletter

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(1) More books by ProZ.com members
(2) What makes you more productive as a translator?
(3) Welcome new ProZ.com members!
(4) Protect yourself from scams
(5) Thank you to the moderator class of 2009-2010
(6) 7th international ProZ.com conference: Prague, October 2-3
(7) One month left before the second ProZ.com Brazil conference
(8) Save the date: Translation3
(9) Webinar, training and video offers for July
(10) Upcoming powwows

(1) More books by ProZ.com members

New books have been added to the ProZ.com "Books" section.

"The Wordsmith Book of Business", by member Pritam Bhattacharyya -- http://www.proz.com/profile/86364 -- recounts the process of starting and running a translation agency.

The team of Judy Jenner -- http://www.proz.com/profile/915838 -- and Dagmar Jenner -- http://www.proz.com/profile/83603 -- have published "The Entrepreneurial Linguist: The Business-School Approach to Freelance Translation", covering practical aspects of running a translation business.

See: http://www.proz.com/books

Have you published or collaborated on a translation-related book and would like to promote it? Contact staff at http://www.proz.com/support/

(2) What makes you more productive as a translator?

Many translators report that their productivity is on the rise. What are the keys for increasing translator productivity?

The article, "Productivity for translators: an overview" was started in the ProZ.com Wiki, based on feedback from professionals. All are welcome and encouraged to add to this article in order to build a solid resource for translators. To add information, just click on the "edit" link to add to a section (you need to be logged in to your ProZ.com profile).

See: http://wiki.proz.com/wiki/index.php/Productivity_for_translators:_an_overview

Interested in collaborating in the ProZ.com Wiki but not sure how to start? Contact staff via the support system for help: http://www.proz.com/support/

Celebrate with SDL Trados Studio 2009!
SDL Trados Studio 2009 is 1 year old and to celebrate we are offering you the chance to save up to 25%! Discover more about our products or buy online - http://www.sdl.com/Proz_NL

Hurry, offer ends 16th July 2010


Celebrate with SDL Trados Studio 2009!
SDL Trados Studio 2009 is 1 year old and to celebrate we are offering you the chance to save up to 15%! Discover more about our products or buy online - http://www.sdl.com/Proz_NPRO

Hurry, offer ends 16th July 2010


(3) Welcome new ProZ.com members!

Welcome to all of the new members who joined ProZ.com during the recent mid-year membership campaign! Thank you also to all the current members who took advantage of the campaign to renew.

Membership is what makes ProZ.com possible. The ProZ.com site team is looking forward to serving you in getting the most out of the site and providing you with the tools and opportunities to help your business grow.

(4) Protect yourself from scams: article and dedicated forum created

In response to increased reports of attempted scams from site members, a ProZ.com Wiki article was started: "Detecting and reacting to false job offers and other scams".

A dedicated ProZ.com forum was also created, to allow translators to better coordinate efforts in informing each other of new scams and ways of detecting and reacting to them. It is hoped this material will be used to reinforce the wiki article and create a sound reference for language professionals who find themselves targeted by potentially false job offers or other scams.

Scam forum: http://www.proz.com/forum/946

Article on detecting scams: http://wiki.proz.com/wiki/index.php/Detecting_and_reacting_to_false_job_offers_and_other_scams

Experience two industry-leading tools for one low price. Wordfast Translation Studio consists of Wordfast Classic, the industry’s #1 MS Word-based TM tool, and Wordfast Pro, the #1 multi-platform TM tool designed to handle more complex file formats. Free trial – http://www.wordfast.com/store_download.html

ProZ.com users save 18% at http://www.proz.com/tgb

The world’s #1 provider of platform-independent translation memory software invites you to experience an idea whose time has come - Free TM: http://www.FreeTM.com

ProZ.com Translator Group Buy - save 18% on Wordfast Pro: http://www.proz.com/tgb

(5) Thank you to the moderator class of 2009-2010

A year ago the new ProZ.com moderator program was announced, and at the beginning of August 2009, the moderator class of 2009-2010 began activity.

Thanks are due to this group of professionals who have volunteered their time over the past year to ProZ.com. Each person has made valuable contributions to the site, and some have contributed beyond the moderator program. Thank you!

Site moderators are key in maintaining the positive, results-oriented atmosphere of the site as they help orient new participants and ensure that site rules are upheld. Applications for those wishing to volunteer for the moderator class of 2010-2011 are now being reviewed.

Read more about what moderators do at http://www.proz.com/?sp=moderators&sp_mode=overview

(6) 7th international ProZ.com conference set for Prague, October 2nd and 3rd

Following the success of last year's international conference in Ohrid -- http://www.proz.com/conference/91 -- the 7th annual ProZ.com international conference will take place in Prague on the 2nd and 3rd of October. Organized this year by Pavel Janoušek -- http://www.proz.com/profile/139176 -- the international conference has now become a tradition among the ProZ.com community.

The program features a full array of top industry speakers who will, together with attendees, attempt to answer the question "How to achieve recognition and prestige as a translator?" Early-bird registration is open until August 1st.

See: http://www.proz.com/conference/157

Translation Office 3000 has been designed with the freelance translator in mind. It helps translators track and manage their clients, translation jobs, invoices and payments. This flexible tool has been created to help easily organize all aspects of a freelance translator's work.

Save 20% when you buy TO3000 through ProZ.com: http://www.proz.com/TO3000

(7) One month left before the second ProZ.com Brazil conference

There is just one month left before the 2010 ProZ.com Brazil conference, taking place in São Paulo on July 31st and August 1st.

This event will feature unique networking opportunities, along with a variety of industry-related content and top-notch speakers, including:

- Web 2.0 (Redes Sociais / Social Networks) - Roney Belhassof
- Productivity tools for translators - Ana Luiza Iaria, Val Ivonica
- Conference booth interpretation - Marcelo Neves Almeida
- Project Management for translators - ProZ.com staff member Enrique Cavalitto
- What does it take to translate for a world-class client? - Joao Vicente de Paulo Junior

Also scheduled are sessions on legal and medical translation, taxation issues, a Wordfast workshop, tips on how to get more out of ProZ.com (and the web), a panel discussion on CAT tools, and much more.

See: http://www.proz.com/conference/151

(8) Mark your calendar: Translation3. ProZ.com 2010 virtual conferences

ProZ.com will host a series of virtual conferences in 2010, building on last year's ground-breaking event, which saw over 7,000 attendees.

Three separate events are scheduled for 2010: one each for freelance translators, translation agencies, and global translation consumers. These events will be conducted entirely online, making it possible for any registered ProZ.com user to attend for free from anywhere with internet access. The dates for the virtual conferences are:

1. Freelance translators event - September 30, 2010 (International Translation Day)
2. Translation agency event – October 13th, 2010
3. Global translation consumer event – November 10th, 2010

See: http://www.proz.com/translation3

Exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities are available at: http://www.proz.com/advertising/options/virtual-conferences

(9) Webinar, training and video offers for July

New videos added this month:

Standing out in the language services industry
Web writing for translators
Comparación de herramientas de traducción: Across, Catalyst, Déjà Vu, Logoport, MemoQ, Metatexis, Passolo, Trados, Wordfast y otras (Spanish)
Pricing your translation-related products and services
HTML for translators
Project management for translation business

See all videos at: http://www.proz.com/translator-training/format/videos

New self-paced courses:

Website translation
Traducción de páginas web (Spanish)
PDF translation

See all self-paced courses at: http://www.proz.com/translator-training/format/self-paced-training

Upcoming webinars:

July 1 - An introduction to translating for film and television
July 2 - Machine Translation, by Jeff Allen
July 9 - Social networking guide for freelancers and agency owners
July 8 - Technical aspects of subtitling
July 15 - Creative translation for the moving image

SDL Trados Online Training and Certification:

3 hours of SDL Trados online training for $99 USD. Attendance fee includes 3 hours of online instruction led by a certified SDL Trados instructor, with approved SDL Trados training manuals and sample files, and an opportunity to take the SDL Trados Certification exam. Courses are offered in multiple languages and time zones, and range from Getting started to Advanced. See courses for July and August at http://www.proz.com/translator-training/topic/sdl-trados-certified

MemoQ 4.2 training:

New edition of the two-level memoQ online training by memoQ certified trainer Lone Behesty:

July 9 - memoQ 4.2 online training Level 1
July 16 - memoQ 4.2 online training Level 2

Special Limited Offer! Purchase Alchemy Publisher 3.0 for €249. (RRP€749). Alchemy Publisher 3.0 supports over 100 different content rich document formats including PDF and PowerPoint. Deliver higher quality translations, reduce your costs and speed up your projects! This is a time-limited offer. Visit http://www.proz.com/alchemy to participate.

(10) Upcoming powwows: UK, Spain, France, Syria, Ukraine, etc.

2: Cardiff, UK (14 members) http://proz.com/powwow/3277
2: Barcelona, Spain (1) http://proz.com/powwow/3305
3: Birmingham, UK (6) http://proz.com/powwow/3284
3: Huelgoat, France (7) http://proz.com/powwow/3292
8: Palma de Ma..., Spain (17) http://proz.com/powwow/3230
11: Damascus, Syria (2) http://proz.com/powwow/3271
11: Toulouse, France (7) http://proz.com/powwow/3289
13: Munich, Germany (21) http://proz.com/powwow/3278
17: Ottawa, Canada (1) http://proz.com/powwow/3290
18: Caracas, Venezuela (2) http://proz.com/powwow/3298
23: San Diego, US (6) http://proz.com/powwow/3182
24: Burbank, US (9) http://proz.com/powwow/3275
24: Viterbo, Italy (3) http://proz.com/powwow/3302

13: Donetsk, Ukraine (11) http://proz.com/powwow/3272

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Thank you for reading this far into the June newsletter. To all ProZ.com members, happy translating, and have a productive month of July!


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