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Team information

Our team consists of expert translators with an added value of Right to Left InDesign layout expertise.
All our InDesign projects involve QA and Proofreading.

Current Languages supported by the team:
English <> Hebrew
English <> Arabic

Main translation subjects: Consumer products, Automotive, Agricultural machinery, Medical and Mobile
CAT: Trados

Work process:
INPUT - Customer sends InDesign source files (InDesign file + LINKS + FONTS)

OUTPUT - Customer receives:
- Target InDesign files after Editing and Proofreading
- PDF files (Press & Internet)
- Translation memory files
- Glossary file

TIPS on Hebrew and Arabic DTP layout:
English is written from left to right as opposed to languages such as Hebrew and Arabic which are written from right to left.
When changing from a LTR (left to right) language like English to a RTL design (right to left language) like Hebrew and visa verse the following issues need to be taken into account:

- Source software: Hebrew is not supported by all the graphic software.
For example, in order to DTP Hebrew in Adobe InDesign you will need to use a special software version.
- Design: The design will need to be changed/Flipped to suit the new language format.
- Fonts: Most English fonts do not support Hebrew or Arabic, new fonts will often needs to be used.
- Pagination: The size of the Hebrew fonts is not similar to English this can sometimes affect the original paging of the document.
Team language pairs (6):
  • Arapça > İbranice
  • Arapça > İngilizce
  • İbranice > Arapça
  • İbranice > İngilizce
  • İngilizce > Arapça
  • İngilizce > İbranice

Team leader
Global ILS
Global ILS
Translation and DTP expert
Benny Hillman has worked in the translation industry for more then 15 Years.
He worked many years as a localization manager for Samsung mobile phones and was one of the first to localize mobile phones into Hebrew and Arabic.
He then worked in a leading localization company who was later bought by Transperfect.
Benny has worked as a translator, proofreader, Project & Localization manager and Operations manager covering practically nearly all aspects of the industry.
Since 2012 Benny has established a translation company of his own which specializes in Hebrew localization projects and DTP projects.

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