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Description:We are always looking for new talent to join our team of freelance translators.

Our company provides a complete outsourced testing and localisation service for all Console, PC, Handheld and Mobile content, to many of the biggest names in games and interactive entertainment.

Babel Media has worked on thousands of titles including many of the best-selling titles of the past few years.
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  • İngilizce > Boşnakça

Team leader
Outsourcing for Games

3 team members
Adisa Okeric Zaid
Adisa Okeric Zaid
Professionalism, accuracy, timeliness...
KudoZ: 24
BrowniZ: 468
İngilizce > Boşnakça
Boşnakça > İngilizce
Sırpça > İngilizce
(4 more)
Nermina Slijepcevic
Nermina Slijepcevic
Bosna - Hersek
BrowniZ: 250
İngilizce > Boşnakça
Amra & Hari K.
Amra & Hari K.
Bosna - Hersek
KudoZ: 147
BrowniZ: 5049
İngilizce > Boşnakça
İngilizce > Hırvatça
İngilizce > Sırpça
(6 more)
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