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In Other Words Team

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  • Almanca > Fransızca
  • Almanca > İngilizce
  • Almanca > İspanyolca
  • Almanca > İtalyanca
  • Fransızca > İtalyanca
  • İngilizce > Almanca
  • İngilizce > Fransızca
  • İngilizce > İspanyolca
  • İngilizce > İtalyanca
  • İspanyolca > İtalyanca

Team leader
Vito Schiuma
Vito Schiuma
Your client is my client.
In Other Words Team
In Other Words is a translators' team aimed at addressing direct clients in the gaming field. We embrace all languages from English, German and French. We work on a "4 eyes" approach, that is: at least two translators are involved in the translating process, one translates, the other reviews.

1 team member
Maura Affinita
Maura Affinita
Egresada universitaria. Laureata.
KudoZ: 1449
BrowniZ: 4569
İtalyanca > İspanyolca
İspanyolca > İtalyanca
Maura Affinita
Laurea in Traduzione Italiano- Spagnolo

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