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(1) Celebrate International Translation Day at
(2) Are translators a waste of space?
(3) Vote now in the first community choice awards

(1) International Translation Day celebration at

The fifth annual celebration of International Translation Day is about to start, with a series of free virtual events for language professionals beginning on September 30th. These events are a good opportunity to network with colleagues and clients from around the world and learn something new, and you can attend from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Remember that if you register and attend only briefly, the full content of these events will be available to you after that, allowing you to view sessions at your own pace if you are unable to see them all live.

Here are some comments from attendees at previous International Translation Day virtual events:

"It was excellent - a really different way to spend the day and very productive. Thanks!"
Vicky Nash --

"The virtual conference was quite BIG, and a touch overwhelming. At the same time, it made me go into a more active role, and I won three nice jobs out of that. This is what this is all about! Looking forward to the next one! "
Renata von Koerber --

"I really felt like a part of a big–and what a great!–community. It was a nice break from my daily work to be able to attend a global conference with interesting presentations. It should become a translators' day tradition."
Camilla Larsen --

If you have not registered already you can do so by using the "Click here to register" link on the events page.

(2) Are translators a waste of space?

If you have not seen it already, take a moment to watch an excellent video written and performed by Erik Skuggevik for The Norwegian Association of Literary Translators, titled "Translators are a waste of space." Be sure to watch it to the very end!

A transcription of the video can also be found at

(3) Vote now for your favorites in the first community choice awards

Voting is finally open in the first annual community choice awards. You can help decide this year's winners by voting now. Thank you to everyone who made nominations, and good luck to the nominees!

Be sure to also check out this interview with member Erik Hansson -- -- which appeared in The Local, on starting his own translation business.

Happy translating in October, and happy International Translation Day! I hope to see you at the virtual events next week.

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