Virtual conferences FAQ

  • 1 - What are virtual conferences?

    Virtual conferences are held online and attended by participants all over the world. Participants log into the conference interface at and can participate in video/voice/text chat with colleagues, exhibitors and sponsors, and presenters, watch streaming video presentations, participate in question and answer sessions, network with other professionals, purchase discounted software and more.

  • 2 - Is the conference free to attend? virtual events are open to everyone in the community; however paying members and Certified Pro Network members will receive exclusive access to some sessions and content.

  • 3 - Can I participate in all the events during virtual event week 2013?

    Yes, the entire event is FREE to attend. users that register for the event series will be able to access and attend all sessions and content for free.

  • 4 - Do I have to be there for the whole event?

    No. You are welcome to come and go as you please.

  • 5 - Will the virtual conference be on

    Yes. All of the event networking, chat, streaming sessions, Q&A will reside on The sponsors and exhibitors hall will be provided by a 3rd party vendor (InXpo) and will be embedded on a virtual conference page.

  • 6 - Can I test to see if I meet the system requirements?

    Yes. A system test is available here.

  • 7 - What are the system requirements to attend the Virtual Conference?

    Up to date flash, browser and operating systems are required. Specifications can be found here.

  • 8 - Do I need to register for sessions I will attend?

    No. As opposed to in-person conferences, at the virtual conference you can just show up and view or participate in any session you wish.

  • 9 - What if I miss a session?

    Don't worry. All sessions will be recorded and made available to view again, approximately one hour after the session broadcast time. Just visit the same session page and you will be presented with "on demand" content - this is where the recording of the sessions will be placed

  • 10 - Will I be able to see myself walking around in the environment?

    No, this year there is no main hall or avatar. Attendees will be able to navigate within the virtual environment but will not see their avatar or photo walking. However, your profile photo will be uploaded for you so that others will know whom they are speaking with when chatting and networking.

  • 11 - Where do I go to join the conference during the week of September 24th through September 28th?

    Visit (must be logged in to Then click on the date/event for the day you are attending. Note session pages, exhibit hall and chat rooms will not be "open" until 9:00 GMT starting on September 24th.

  • 12 - What do I do if I have forgotten my password or login name?

    To retrieve your login and reset your password visit and click on the link that says "I don't know my user name" or enter a new password. does not have access to stored passwords. In order to reset your password, you must have access to the email your account is associated with.

  • 13 - Will there be a long wait to talk with representatives?

    There should not be. The event registration of over 9,000 represents 100+ countries and their time zones. Over the course of the 12 hours of the event it is anticipated that the volume of attendees at any given moment will fluctuate and with attendants moving from area to area, there should not be too much congestion in the environment, and wait times to chat with representatives should be reasonable.

  • 14 - How will I be able to network during the event?

    Attendees will have multiple options to network. You can visit the networking section of the site and search for colleagues and participants - this will permit searching for other attendees by language, country, service type, specialty field and more - participate in general chat sessions, and invite other visitors in the chat sessions to private chats. You can send messages to these attendees (even if they are not in the conference environment at that time), and invite them to chat.

    You can also see "who's here" while on any of the individual session pages and initiate a private chat with attendees watching the same session

  • 15 - How do freelance translators/interpreters participate in the recruitment day activities?

    During Wednesday September 26th, freelance translators will be able to view agencies and LSP's that are recruiting. Freelance translators will be permitted to express interest in agencies/LSP's that are recruiting, but only if the translator's skill set and language pair match the recruitment need.

  • 15.1 - How many agencies can I express interest in during the recruitment day?

    Although all attendees will be able to see all recruitment opportunities in which they are a match, members will be permitted to express interest in up to 15 companies/LSP’s, while non-members will only be permitted to contact 5 agency/LSP's

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  • 16 - How do LSP's/agencies participate in the recruitment day?

    LSP’s and agencies that have recruitment needs will be permitted to complete a form with information about their needs. The data provided will be used to build a listing as well as to identify those candidates that meet your recruitment needs.

  • 16.1 - Do LSP's participating in the recruitment day event need to be present during the virtual event?

    No. LSP's that are participating in the recruitment event do not need to be present. Attendees will not be able to interact live with LSP's unless those LSP's are also Virtual conference exhibitor

  • 16.2 - How many language pairs/listings can an LSP/agency make? corporate members will be permitted to list up to 15 language pair combinations, while non-corporate members will only be permitted to list 5 language pair combination.

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  • 17 - Is it ok to jump off to other communication technologies (such as skype) while the event is underway


  • 18 - How do I participate in the prize giveaways?

    Many exhibitors will be giving prizes away during the event. Prize giveaway will require attendees to visit exhibitor booths and register with the exhibitor.

  • 19 - Will I get a certificate after the conference?

    Certificates of attendance are issued to those who attend the September 29-30th 2014 virtual event

    Certificates of attendance will appear in PDF format in the "Conference participation" section of your profile.

  • 20 - Common problems & solutions

  • 20.1 - I'm having problems loading the conference interface

    Attendees should be connected to the highest speed internet connection possible. If they are having problems loading content, it could be due to a slow or wireless internet connection. If possible, see if they can connect through an Ethernet or cable cord.

  • 20.2 - The times given for presentations in the session tab are not correct

    All listed presentation times will adjust to the your time zone. If the times shown don't match your time zone simply can edit your time zone from your profile. The times will be adjusted after you edit your time zone. You can watch a video on how to adjust your profile for GMT offset here

  • 20.3 - I am having trouble connecting to chat or webcasts

    It is likely that you are behind a firewall. Try running this port checker test: If you don’t pass in any of the ports, you will need to have an IT department open up these ports. Unfortunately, since this has to do with firewalls and network security, there’s nothing site staff can do to get around this.

  • 20.4 - I get the message “User already logged in!” when trying to log into the show

    This may be because you just closed the browser window, rather than clicking on “log out.” Wait a few minutes, and then try again. If you still have problems, let staff know. They will log you out by hand so you can log in again.

  • 20.5 - I can see the slides, but can not hear the audio

    Audio will be broadcast through your computer speakers or headset. Verify that your speakers are turned on and the volume is turned up. Then, make sure that your computer's audio is not muted from within the operating system. Finally, there is a volume controller in the lower left corner of the webinar window. Make sure that the slider is set at an adequate level.

  • 20.6 - Audio playback is choppy

    All virtual event sessions have been pre-recorded and the audio checked for quality prior to broadcast. If you are experiencing choppy or unsatisfactory audio playback, that is caused by connectivity issues on the attendee side. Verify that you do not have any other bandwidth intensive applications running, like skype, outlook, Pandora or other streaming services. Make sure your internet connectivity is stable, and that your computer is not running any other processes or functions that would slow down your processing speed. If no other applications are running, use the guide for troubleshooting chat and webcasting, and run the port checker test.

    Attendees will also be able to view sessions in a "low bandwidth" option. The low bandwidth option is found on each individual session page by scrolling lower on the session page and pressing play on the "low bandwidth" content

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