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Featured Articles
By Abdul Mukhid | Published 03/23/2009 | Literature and Poetry | Recommendation:
My translation process of the fifth column by Hemingway
Recent Articles
» 5 Proven ways to promote your translation services
By translationhk | Published 04/10/2017 | Marketing Your Language Services | Recommendation:
Increase your translation services sales this year with the 5 proven marketing methods in this digital age.
» Do You Have Non-English Speaking Employees? If So, You Want To Read This!
By Ginna Ma | Published 04/6/2017 | Business Issues | Not yet recommended
Many industries are open to hiring non-English speaking employees. We see this often in construction, general labor, manufacturing, just to name a few industries. These hiring practices are an excellent way to create a diverse work environment, cooperate with EEOC requirements, but did you know that you have a responsibility to offer training and information to your employees in a language they can understand?
» La crisis que vendrá
By Patricia García | Published 03/29/2017 | Miscellaneous | Not yet recommended
Cuando las invasiones "bárbaras" no enseñaron nada no nos queda que la rendición incondicional o la guerrilla sigilosa contra la ignorancia.
» Translation, Transcreation and Cultural Diversity
By Adriana Adarve | Published 03/15/2017 | Art of Translation and Interpreting | Recommendation:
What Is Transcreation? How does it relate to translation, and why is it important in cultural diversity. Transcreation is the cultural adaptation of text from one language into another, without deviating from its intent, tone, style and context, but refined in such a way that it reconciles specific cultural and linguistic factors. Transcreation is where creativity and refinement converge to allow a deeper connection between people of different cultural backgrounds.
» Translation Quality Assurance Tools
By Technolex | Published 03/15/2017 | CAT Tools | Recommendation:
In this article we will talk about the tools used by translators, editors and managers of translation agencies, for translation quality assurance. We will review their functions, their strengths and limitations, as well as common misconceptions about their efficiency.
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