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BiLogoS team is composed by two Italian native translators, Claudio Maioli and Silvia Di Persio.

CLAUDIO MAIOLI is a 30-year-experience technical translator whose main translation projects refer to Technical manuals, Web contents, technical and scientific popularization, business writing, articles, proceedings of conferences, marketing and advertising texts in the areas of:

- Civil, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, sailing and navigation (bridges, industrial vehicles, tooling machines, electric motors, servo controls, telecommunications, portolans, etc.)

- Computer science and information technology (hardware: systems and components; software: applications and operating systems)

- Telematics (local, geographical and business networking)

- Process automation

- Applied electronic technologies (music, multimedia)
Education (manuals for training and edutainment)
Medicine and surgery, biology, ecology, psychology

Claudio Maioli has been also a trainer/educator/teacher since 1996; here are some education projects he has been developing in this field of activity:

- Technological alphabetization “against technophobia”

- Computer science alphabetization (main functions of operating systems, word processors, presentations, computer aided translation software, etc.)

- Courses for technical translators on reading, writing and translating technical documentation

- Technical writing workshop with focus on describing, imaging and visualizing objects, processes and paths

- Post-Lauream Masters (Università dell’Aquila, Master on Technical Writing and Translation)

- Sound alphabetization workshops based on experimentation and informal composition

- Theatre creative workshops in schools

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Team leader
Silvia Di Persio
Silvia Di Persio
Translator and web copywriter
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