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Description:Accurate and reliable translations. Always
within deadlines.
Team language pairs (6):
  • Fransızca > İspanyolca
  • Portekizce > İspanyolca
  • Portekizce > İspanyolca
  • İngilizce > İspanyolca
  • İspanyolca > İngilizce
  • İtalyanca > İspanyolca

Team leader
Accurate Translations
Accurate Translations
Ready for new challenges
Natalia Chiacchiari
I am a Spanish native speaker with experience in translating texts on different areas and both into English and into Spanish. Moreover, I can handle different forms of both languages. Last but not least, I consider myself a skilled and accurate translator who loves professional challenges.

3 team members
BrowniZ: 300
İngilizce > İspanyolca
Reliable above all
I have a degree in Advertising and am about to attain my degree in Translation (Literary and Technical-Scientific). I have worked translating texts on a variety of fields such as Advertising, Film, Marketing, Medicine (in general), Pharmacolgy, Brochures and Websites, Literary, Arts, History, Education, Social Sciences (in general), Travel and Fashion. I am a Spanish native speaker with experience working and studying in London.
Esteban Lleonart
Accurate and reliable
BrowniZ: 3
İngilizce > İspanyolca
Portekizce > İspanyolca

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