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Team information
Description:A Team of Freelance Translators specialized mainly on finance and economics to offer an integrated service with free-lance rates based on a diversification of specializations and language combinations
Team language pairs (6):
  • Almanca > İtalyanca: US 0.09/word target
  • Almanca > İtalyanca: US 0.11/word target
  • Fransızca > İtalyanca: US 0.10/word target
  • Rusça > İtalyanca: US o.12/word target
  • İngilizce > İtalyanca: US 0.10/word target
  • İspanyolca > İtalyanca: US 0.08/word target

Team leader
30 years experience of the translation m
Dr. Nicola Cafiero
Thirty years in the field of translations and nine as a freelance with Translator Diploma from Interpreter's School of Geneva and specializaztions in economics, financial markets, marketing, IT, corporate management

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