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Team information
Description:Professional translation between Bulgarian-Italian-Russian-English.Sworn translations.


1) Business – highest quality: trade; franchising; business management; supply chain management; logistics and warehousing; marketing and market research; deals and contracts; memorandums and agreements; offers and quotations; feasibility studies; bills of lading; policies and procedures; resolutions and minutes; press releases; business proposals; business plans; extracts from trade and other registers; corporate presentations and profiles; corporate web-site texts; etc.
2) Finance – highest quality: securities; taxation; investment; insurance; accounting; banking; annual and other reports; terms and conditions; insurance policies; financial records and statements; audit reports; supporting financial documents; mandates; signature cards; applications; etc.
3) Law – highest quality: human rights; copyright law; commercial arbitration; court rulings, decisions and proceedings; federal laws; local orders; constituent documents; powers of attorneys; certificates; notarized and legalized documents; apostilles; etc.
4) Politics – good quality: newspaper articles on hot issues, etc.


1) Exhibitions – information exchange between exhibitors and visitors
2) Conferences – whispering
3) Negotiations – face-to-face and telephone interpretation
4) Presentations – consecutive interpretation
5) Trainings – simultaneous interpretation
6)Tourism Translation- guides

Computer skills and competences

MS-OFFICE -Word, Excel, Access,POWERPOINT,Adobe Acrobat ,Adobe Photoshop
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  • İngilizce > İtalyanca: 0.05-0,08 €/word
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  • İtalyanca > İngilizce: 0.05-0,08 €/word

Team leader
Guergana Krasteva
Guergana Krasteva
Serietà, responsabilità e puntualità!

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Boriana Koleva
Boriana Koleva
Perfection Meets Reality!
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BrowniZ: 3610
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Bulgarca > İtalyanca
İtalyanca > Bulgarca
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