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Yuriy Alatortsev
Yuriy Alatortsev
Your trusted partner in a foreign land
Since early nineties after the fall of the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain, when pioneering foreigner businessmen toured Ukraine, famous for its rich arable land once the Breadbasket of Europe and attractive place to invest in the emerging markets the people who now make the team of D'Artur TransConsult were involved in providing translation, interpreting and other services ever since 1992. In fact, we were part of the Ukraine’s first English language weekly publication, which was distributed among the first international community living and working in Ukraine since Ukraine’s independence where a team of native speaking journalists and editors was editing translations delivered by Ukrainian and Russian natives.

Once Ukraine opened its doors to foreign investment years later, D’Artur TransConsult LLC has been established to serve the existing translating and interpreting needs of foreign companies in various sectors of national economy including but not limited to agriculture, food processing, oil and gas, electron microscopy, machinery, instrumentation, finance, insurance, import and export support, international trading, logistics, certification, politics, social sciences, charity, legal advice. As a result of hard work and experience gained during these years of international cooperation, ongoing practice in the field of translation the company the company developed and supported projects in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, Argentina and the USA.

DTC is known on the market to the leading agencies that arrange international conferences, shows, exhibitions, forums, etc and long term cooperation agreements are in place. We support companies and individuals organize tours across Ukraine on business and tourism providing translation/interpretation and cultural adaptation.

* Recent projects: Agriculture and Agribusiness
- Crop/Livestock Insurance and reinsurance (Marsh&McLennan)
- IFC Agricultural Projects (Ukraine)
- Agrobrain projects (Switzerland)
- UPB UK Pig Breeding Projects (Ukraine and Russia)
- Livestock Management Services MO, USA
- Grains and Oilseeds Market reviews (Holland)
- Agricultural News and Digests (USA)
- Commercials dubbing (Bs.As., Argentina)
- Malting barley varieties research papers (France)
- Gold mining projects (UK)
- Land leasing and crop production project (Romania)
- Telework Agreements (Portugal)

Previous Experience:
* Legal translations for Schoenherr Ukraine
* Legal translations for Magister & Partners
* Legal translations for Gvozdiy & Oberkovych
* OSCE: interpreter during Presidential elections in Ukraine
* CASE Ukraine: (social and economic development center) simultaneous conference translation
* APK-Inform: simultaneous translation of the first international oilseeds conference in Ukraine
* APK-Inform: agricultural analytical agency in Ukraine. Translating weekly grain and oilseeds market reports
* Agricultural Association of Advisory Services in agriculture: translation of negotiations with the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture
* Rapala: translating of a 2hr commercial into Russian and dubbing in. Conferences.
* ProAgro: agricultural analytical agency in Ukraine. Translating weekly grain and oilseeds market reports
* SCAFCO grain bins: translating technical documentation on grain bins and warehouse equipment, USA
* SWEET grain handling equipment, USA
* Russian Grain Union: translating warehouse receipt presentations
* Turkish tourism industry website support

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Nelya Plakhota
Nelya Plakhota
Professionalism, accuracy, reliability
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English to Ukrainian
English to Russian
Sergiy Plakhota
Sergiy Plakhota
IT Security Pro & Translator/Interpreter
BrowniZ: 1999
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Armine Vahanyan
Armine Vahanyan
PhD, Professional Honesty in Everything
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Armine Vahanyan
Levan Namoradze
Levan Namoradze
Translation & Interpretation in Georgia
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Olga Kulik
Olga Kulik
Human translation and creative approach
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