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Description:Translators working with CatTools formed with the aim of throwing together all translators working with Cat Tools. CatTool is one of the upcoming major requirements of a Translation Market, so we are trying to have as many CatTools translators as possible. I work with English, Russian, Turkish and Azerbaijani languages but we welcomed to all translators working with CatTools. I hope that outsourcers looking for translators that work with CatTools will easly reach to all of our team members by using the Team of the Translators working with CatTools

Team leader
Sunay Cingil
Sunay Cingil
Eng., Tur., Azeri, Ru. Translator
Mrs. Sunay Cingil
I am freelance translator/transcreator, proofreader working with English, Azerbaijani, Turkish and Russian languages. I graduated from School of Humanities and Social Sciences and I am certified journalist of 21 century.

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