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Medical and Dental Translation Services by Medical Doctors

Team information
Description:We are a medical team (board certified M.D. and DDS) specialised in translating dental, medical, pharmaceutical and scientific texts.

We can provide a full package of high-top services (translation, revision & proofreading) at competitive prices.
Team language pairs (1):
  • İngilizce > İtalyanca: 0.10 euro/source word

Team leader
Mihaela Petrican
Mihaela Petrican
Medical,Pharmaceutical & IT Translations
M.D., Master's Degree Programme in English- Italian specialised translations
M.D., Specialization in Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Laboratory, certified translator (IATI, Italy), member of SiPMeL (Italian Society of Laboratory Medicine and Clinical Pathology), Brainbench Certificate in Medical Terminology (2008).

1 team member
Natalia Liuzzi
Natalia Liuzzi
DDM & Translator
BrowniZ: 300
İngilizce > İtalyanca

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