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Specialists in Swedish and English

Team information
Description:Ratatosk is a network of translators specializing in translation, localization and technical writing, in both Swedish and English.

In Norse mythology, the squirrel Ratatosk ran up and down the tree Yggdrasil to deliver messages between the eagle at the top and the dragon below. Researchers say that Ratatosk delivered only insults and gossip, but for us Ratatosk symbolizes the quick and speedy messenger who carries positive – and much-needed – information between sender and receiver.
Team language pairs (3):
  • Hollandaca > İsveççe
  • İngilizce > İsveççe
  • İsveççe > İngilizce

Team leader
Specialists in Swedish and English
- 20 years of experience in translation and technical writing
- M. Sc. in textile technology
- Practical experience in IT/telecom industry as a technical writer, project manager, line manager and product manager
- Educator in English for universities and businesses; veteran language reviewer of articles, books and other literature for law and medical institutions

1 team member
BrowniZ: 300
İngilizce > İsveççe
Almanca > İsveççe
Danca > İsveççe
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