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Translating for tourism

Team information
Description:We are a team of professional translators with experience in the sector of tourism and travel and we offer translations in these language combinations:
English<>Italian French<>Italian Spanish<>Italian English<>French English<>Spanish Catalan>Italian German>Italian

Team di traduttori freelance specializzati nel settore del turismo e dei viaggi, che offre servizi di traduzione nelle seguenti combinazioni linguistiche:
inglese<>italiano francese<>italiano spagnolo<>italiano inglese<>francese inglese<>spagnolo catalano>italiano tedesco>italiano

Italian website (other languages soon available):
Team language pairs (8):
  • Almanca > İtalyanca
  • Fransızca > İtalyanca
  • İngilizce > Fransızca
  • İngilizce > İtalyanca
  • İspanyolca > İtalyanca
  • İtalyanca > Fransızca
  • İtalyanca > İngilizce
  • İtalyanca > İspanyolca

Team leader
Federica Borgini
Federica Borgini
Your quality-minded professional partner
Detail-oriented and experienced translator
BA-IULM University, Milan
Diploma as Translator and Interpreter, SSIT, Milan

10-years experience in the sector of tourism and travel
Website content writer and localisation supervisor for Margherita Resort & Camping since 2004 (

3 team members
Mariachiara Dell'Aglio
Mariachiara Dell'Aglio
Fast and accurate - I love my job
BrowniZ: 99
İspanyolca > İtalyanca
İtalyanca > İspanyolca
İngilizce > İtalyanca
(5 more)
Patrizia Licchetta
Patrizia Licchetta
High-level professionalism
KudoZ: 146
BrowniZ: 1421
Fransızca > İtalyanca
İngilizce > İtalyanca
Specialized in French to Italian translations

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