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Team information
Description:<b>Eng > Port (Portugal and Brazil)<br>
Eng > Spa (Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina)<br>
Eng > Fre (France)<br>
Eng > Ger (Germany)<br>
Eng > Italian (Italy)<br>
Eng > Rus (Russia)<br>
Port > Eng (US)<br>
Port > Spa (Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina)<br>
Port > Fre (France)<br>
Spa > Eng (US)<br>
Spa > Port (Portugal and Brazil)<br>
Spa > Fre (France)<br>
Spa > German (Germany)<br>
Fre > Eng (US)<br>
Fre > Port (Portugal and Brazil)<br>
Fre > Spa (Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina)<br>
Ita > Eng (US)<br>
Rus > Eng (US)<br><br>
... and more!<br><br>

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Team leader
Rafa Lombardino
Rafa Lombardino
A network of professional translators
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Network Director
Michigan Proficiency Test (USA), BA-Social Communication - Major in Journalism (University) / Certificate: English and Spanish Translator (UCSD) / Computer Sciences - Major in Data Processing (Technical High School), ATA, 12 years of experience

8 team members
Patricia Fierro, M. Sc.
Patricia Fierro, M. Sc.
Expert translator -technical,softw,legal
KudoZ: 4064
BrowniZ: 3507
İngilizce > İspanyolca
İspanyolca > İngilizce
Portekizce > İspanyolca
(3 more)
Stuart Allsop
17 years in technology and mining
KudoZ: 1305
BrowniZ: 10256
İspanyolca > İngilizce
İngilizce > İspanyolca
Daniel Hartmeier
Daniel Hartmeier
reliable - professional - quick response
KudoZ: 246
BrowniZ: 2025
İngilizce > Almanca
İspanyolca > Almanca
Elisabete Cunha
Elisabete Cunha
Quality and accuracy, always on time!
KudoZ: 1432
BrowniZ: 1105
İngilizce > Portekizce
Fransızca > Portekizce
İspanyolca > Portekizce
(1 more)
M Helena Ayala
M Helena Ayala
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
KudoZ: 97
BrowniZ: 1667
İngilizce > İspanyolca
34 years in translation/interpreting
BrowniZ: 50
İngilizce > Rusça
Rusça > İngilizce
A perfectionist striving for excellence
Available 7 days a week, passionate about languages, in love with Literature, constantly learning new things and perfecting skills in languages, an absolute workaholic.
Laura Tenorini
Laura Tenorini
KudoZ: 72
BrowniZ: 4718
İngilizce > İtalyanca
Fransızca > İtalyanca

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