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German-English into Italian Translation Services

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Team information
Description:Rosa and Loriana, translators and interpreters since 1987.
We personally handle translations from English and German into Italian. Our fields of specialization are: business, finance, law, administration, commerce, distribution agreements, all kinds of contracts, including agency and licensing agreements; corporate financial statements, reports, minutes, instruction manuals, technical manuals for the automotive, railway, leather tanning, footwear, glassmaking, and baked goods sectors, automobile registrations and driver’s licenses, catalogues of indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories, technical and safety specifications for chemical products, wine and oil.
We also provide technical, business, and trade fair interpreting services in Italy and abroad.
Our personal specialization is liaison interpreting, for business meetings or trade fairs in Italy or abroad, as well as business luncheons or dinners.
Team language pairs (2):
  • Almanca > İtalyanca
  • İngilizce > İtalyanca

Team leader
Rosa Palazzo
Rosa Palazzo
Serious and punctual
Rosa Palazzo
GD-University of Pisa, in the translation business since 1987

2 team members
Loriana Mancini
Loriana Mancini
specialized in technical and legal texts
KudoZ: 8
BrowniZ: 105
Almanca > İtalyanca
İngilizce > İtalyanca

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