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Team information
Description:We are a team of university-graduated translators who share the same enthusiasm for translation and passion for words.

We are aware of the power of communication and we know that, in all settings, our introduction letter is the way we choose to express ourselves. A word or phrase makes all the difference.

We strongly believe that teamwork, specialization, research, collaboration and a detail-oriented work are the best ways of achieving quality.
Team language pairs (1):
  • İngilizce > İspanyolca

Team leader
Romina Bona
Romina Bona
English Spanish translator in La Plata
Team leader of the Spanish L10n team at
Fac. de Humanidades y Cs. de la Educacion.UNLP., OTHER-Traductora Pública Universidad Nacional de La Plata, CTPCBA, 12 years of experience

2 team members
Silvina Matheu
Silvina Matheu
Professional English-Spanish Translation
KudoZ: 360
BrowniZ: 8836
İngilizce > İspanyolca

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