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 The translation workplace

Denis et Irina

English/French/Russian native speakers

Team information
Description:We're a husband (French Canadian) and wife (Russian) translation team living in Quebec, Canada. Between the two of us, we speak English, French and Russian natively. Therefore, we can supply you with high-quality translations from any of those languages to either of the other two. Translators often don't speak both the source and target language natively. We do. So none of the original's linguistic and cultural nuances will get "lost in translation". We also always work as a team, cross-checking each other's work, because a person will sometimes miss their own mistakes. So with us, you're basically getting two translators for the price of one.
Team language pairs (6):
  • Fransızca > Rusça: $58 - $116 CA / 1,000 words
  • Fransızca > İngilizce: $58 - $116 CA / 1,000 words
  • Rusça > Fransızca: $68 - $136 CA / 1,000 words
  • Rusça > İngilizce: $68 - $136 CA / 1,000 words
  • İngilizce > Fransızca: $56 - $112 CA / 1,000 words
  • İngilizce > Rusça: $56 - $112 CA / 1,000 words

Team leader
Denis H
Denis H
English/French/Russian native speakers
Manager and translator
French Canadian man who was crazy enough to fall in love with a Russian girl and marry her. :)

1 team member
Irina H
Irina H
English/French/Russian native speakers
BrowniZ: 305
İngilizce > Fransızca
Fransızca > İngilizce
İngilizce > Rusça
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Russian girl who was crazy enough to fall in love with a Canadian man, marry him and then move there… all without first seeing the country! :)