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Description:Team members are certified in their fields of specialization (legal, IT, arts, economy, tourism) and for language combinations because we live in Serbia and Italy, so together we can always provide quality proofreading. Besides, we work in Trados, and as Mr Sasha is a computer specialist, we can solve eventual problems in text formatting
Team language pairs (1):
  • Fransızca > İtalyanca

Team leader
Ljiljana Krstic
Ljiljana Krstic
Certified translator of English
Certified Translator of English
BA-Faculty of Philosophy, Dept of English, Nis, Certified Translator of English, 20 years of experience

Languages: English, French, Italian>Serbian, Bosnian
Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian >English

1 team member
Giuseppe Bellone
Giuseppe Bellone
Anything worth doing is worth doing well
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BrowniZ: 3505
İngilizce > İtalyanca
Fransızca > İtalyanca
From English to Italian;
From French to Italian