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Thai Powerhouse

Thai, Swedish, and most in between.

Native Swede and native Thai, both with degrees.

Humanities (BA in Japanese and Spanish, Cardiff) and science (BSc in Applied Statistics, Rajabhat Institute Bansommdejchaopraya).

Team language pairs 7
  • Almanca > İsveççe
  • Fransızca > İsveççe
  • Japonca > İsveççe
  • Tay dili (Taice) > İsveççe
  • İngilizce > Tay dili (Taice)
  • İspanyolca > İsveççe
  • İsveççe > Tay dili (Taice)
Team leader
Team members 3
After 3 years of thinking, working and living in English, Sinthon works since 2003 in Thai, as an importer, and lives in English, as a book-lover. Her specialist skills are being put to use within the field of free-lance translation, and she walks the edges of refined Thai conversation as an interpreter.
Arporn Suvannakita
Arporn Suvannakita
14+ Years English-Thai Translator
Translation teams
Cooperative groups of translators

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  • Terim arama
  • İşler