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  • 1 - Profiles: general

    Getting the most out of your profile:

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  • video tutorials

  • 1.1 - What types of profiles are available at

    When registering at you can create a profile of any of the following account types:

  • 1.2 - How can I set my account type?

    You can set your account type by clicking on "Profile updater" in your main profile page, choosing among the profile types available and clicking on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page.

    At the moment, the following account types are available:

    • Freelancer (translator and/or interpreter)
    • Translation agency/company
    • Freelancer and outsourcer
    • Student
    • End customer
    • None of the above

    Watch this short video tutorial on how to set your account type:

  • 1.3 - Which account type should I choose?

    1. If you are primarily an individual freelance translator or interpreter, you should choose the "Freelance translator and/or interpreter" account type.
    2. If you represent a translation agency/company, or a group of individuals providing language services, please select the "Translation agency/company" account type.
    3. If you are an individual who provides freelance language services, but also outsources jobs, you can select the "Freelancer and outsourcer" account type.
    4. If you are currently studying language, translation or interpretation, you should choose the "Translation student" account type.
    5. If you are an end customer, please select the "End customer" account type.
    6. If you represent a vendor or advertiser, please select the "Vendor / advertiser to the translation industry" account type.
    7. If you do not fit into one of the categories mentioned above, please select the account type "Other."

  • 1.4 - Are there any differences in the profile structure of the different account types available?

    Yes. The profile sections and tabs will vary depending on your profile's account type. Below there is a graphic description of the profile tabs for the different account types:

    Freelancer (translator and/or interpreter) account type*

    *Student, End customer and None of the above account types also have the profile tabs shown above.

    Translation agency/company account type

    Freelancer and outsourcer account type

  • 1.5 - At the time I registered I selected a certain account type, but now I think a different account type will reflect my current situation more accurately. Can I change my account type?

    Yes, you can edit your account type to suit your preferences from the " Account" section of your "Profile updater".

    Make sure to click on "Save and update profile" once you are done.

  • 1.6 - How do I begin completing my new profile?

    Go to your "Profile updater" to update your profile, including contact information, financial information, and more.

    Make sure to click on "Save and update profile" once you are done.

  • 1.7 - How can I edit/update the information in my profile?

    There are two ways of editing the information in your profile:

    1- You can click on the "edit" icon usually shown below or next to the profile feature. This will directly take you to the section you would like to update.

    2- You can go to your "Profile updater" and click on the section(s) you would like to update. Make sure to click on "Save and update profile" once you are done.

    Note: you should be logged in the site to be able to edit/update your profile.

  • 1.8 - What is my profile ID/number?

    Your profile ID/number is the last number at the end of your profile URL. To see it go to My profile and check the last number shown in the URL of your profile box at the top left of your profile. To create a profile simply register (free) at

  • 1.9 - Can I control the visibility of the information in my profile?

    Yes, you can control what profile visitors see in your profile in two ways, depending on the type of information you would like to show / hide:

    1. By setting visibility permissions for the information you enter via your Profile updater:

    2. By toggling visibility of pre-formatted features by clicking on the "toggle" icon next to them:

  • 1.10 - How do I enter my first and last names in my profile?

    To enter your real name in your profile, visit the " account" section of your visit the Profile updater and enter your first and last names in the Contact first name and Contact last name write-in fields respectively. Finally, click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page to save your data.

    You can set visibility permissions for your name under the "Define your site name" section, within the "Identity" box.

  • 1.11 - How do I hide / show my real name in my profile?

    You can chose to show or hide your real name in your profile at any time.

    If the name visible in your profile is your username and you want to show your real name instead, just go to the " account" section of your
    Profile updater and enter your real name in the 'Identity' field. Once you have entered your real name, select the "Show first and last name, as entered in profile" option in the 'Define your site name' section (within the same 'Identity' box), make sure that the "Show to everyone" visibility option is selected and click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

    If what is showing is your real name and you want to show your username instead, just select the "Show username, as used in login" option in the 'Define your site name' section of the 'Identity' box and then click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page.

    Note that name changes may take up to 1 hour to become effective.

  • 1.12 - Can I show my real name to outsourcers and my username to other users?

    Yes, all you have to do is enter your real name in your profile and choose the option to show it only to outsourcers in your Profile Updater. Please note that this setting is based on account type, so your real name will not be shown to outsourcers who are not logged in, or those who have not properly classified their profiles.

  • 1.13 - I do not want my real name to show in search engines. How can I change this?

    Profiles, similar to the forums and KudoZ, are public. This means that they can be indexed by search engines and displayed as part of search results. If you have chosen to show your real name as your site name (profile name) it is then possible that your real name is then shown as part of search engine results. If this is the case, and you want your name to stop showing in search engines results, start by changing your site name (profile name) at To do so, go to your Profile updater and change your site name settings by selecting " Show username, as used in login". Remember to click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page. Note that this change may take a few minutes to become visible in your profile page.

    Once the change has been made effective in your profile and your username / login name shows instead of your real name, you will still need to request the removal of the cache version of your profile page (or any other page in which your real name shows) from search engines or else wait until search engines update their indexes (this may take a few months). In the case of Google, you may request the removal of any cache page containing your real name here.

    If you need help with any of the steps described above, please contact site staff via the support system.

  • 1.14 - I changed my site name but search engines still show the old name. Why?

    When you chose to display a given site name (real name or username), it may be cached by some search engines. Thus, if you decide to change this name later, or to change visibility permissions for your site name, it will take a certain period of time for search engines to update their cache and stop showing the old profile or site name.

    If you do not want search engines to show your old site name, you can apply to have it removed from Google caché here:

  • 1.15 - Why are certain fields classified as 'required' or 'encouraged'?

    The classification of a profile field as 'required' or 'encouraged' (as opposed to simply 'available') corresponds to the possible contribution of that field to the goal of helping to ensure that a profile owner gets the most out of

    * 'Required' fields are those that are important enough that the failure to supply data for the field (or alternatively, to explicitly decline to enter data) results in the profile being regarded as 'incomplete'.

    * 'Encouraged' fields are those that may help a profile owner to get more out of, though are not necessarily as critical as the 'required' fields.

    Note that in classifying a given field as 'required' or 'encouraged', is not endorsing the use of that field either for qualifying translators or for any other purpose. It is one of the guiding principles of the site that users are given the tools to help them work in the ways they choose to do so. In other words, a profile field tends to exist when there are enough people who want to use it (either to share information or to search by it.) Therefore, the classification of a field as 'required' or 'encouraged' tends to correspond to the relative frequency with which that field is used.

  • 1.16 - Can I link to my profile from my personal website? Can I use the logo when I do so?

    Yes. You can find a comprehensive description of how to do it here.

    Make sure you add "/profile/{your profile number} after "a href="".

  • 1.17 - What link should I provide my customers to direct them to my profile?

    You can find this information in your own profile, above your picture and username.

  • 1.18 - How can I see my profile as visitors would see it?

    To view your profile as any visitor would view it, simply click on 'Force visitor view' at the top of your profile page:

    To go back, just click on 'Return to owner view'.

  • 1.19 - Can I control the language in which visitors see my profile?

    Yes. Go to the "Settings" tab in your profile,

    and click on "Search engine settings". Under the default language, choose the language in which you would like visitors to view your profile and check the box to force that view. Any visitor who comes from another site and is not logged in to will automatically see your profile in the language you chose.

  • 1.20 - How do I change visibility settings for the "Blue Board entries made by this user" section of my profile?

    You can chose to hide your clients names or location by selecting the "None" visibility option for these areas from the "Feedback" section of your Profile updater.

    You can also hide the "Blue Board entries made by this user" section of your profile by selecting "No" in the 'Show Blue Board LWA' section of the Blue Board feedback box or by clicking on the two small arrows next to this section in your profile main page.

  • 1.21 - How can I edit my date and time display preferences?

    By default, all times are shown on the site in GMT. However, registered users can choose to see times in their preferred time zone instead.

    You can change the way dates and times appear to you on by adjusting your date and time display preferences
    here. In addition to setting your time zone, you can specify whether you prefer to see times using a 12- or 24-hour clock, for example.

    Note that you can also get to the edit page by clicking the time zone link in the current time that is shown at the top of each site page.

  • 1.22 - Which time zone should I choose?

    Some countries have several different time zones to choose from. This is often a result of different regions within the country observing different rules about when to adjust clocks for daylight savings time (or whether to observe it at all).

    If several time zones are listed for your country, choose the one with the GMT offset that matches your current time.

    If there is more than one time zone with your GMT offset, choose the time zone associated with the nearest large metropolitan city. Some attempt has been made to indicate the most common time zones in these cases.

    If you are in a jurisdiction with daylight savings time rules that are unusual for your area, you are likely already aware of this, and you should select the time zone that indicates this special region.

  • 1.23 - How can I accept PayPal payments through my profile page?

    First, you need to set up a Paypal account. Go to: PayPal (Click on 'Sign up for your FREE PayPal Account')

    It will take from a few days to a week for your account to go through. Once it has, you simply go to your "Profile updater", click on "Financial" or "Finance" section, and then enter the email address you used to set up the Paypal account in the "PayPal email" space provided under "Payment methods". Be sure to click on "Save and update profile" once you are done.

    Note that you can set visibility/access permissions for your PayPal email address in your profile from your Profile Updater.

    If you select 'Show to no one' as visibility permission, profile visitors will not have access to your PayPal email address and will only see a "PayPal accepted" legend in the "Pay" section at the top of your profile.

    However, if 'Show to everyone' is selected, profile visitors will be able to see a link to PayPal webpage in which your PayPal email address will be shown.

    Finally, if the 'Show to outsourcers only' visibility option is selected, only visitors with company profiles will be able to link to PayPal webpage from the PayPal link at the top of your profile (and see your PayPal email address) while visitors with freelancer profiles will see the legend that is shown when selecting 'Show to no one' visibility option.

  • 1.24 - How can I accept Skrill payments through my profile page?

    Just go to your "Profile updater", click on "Financial" or "Finance" section, and then enter your Skrill email address in the "Skrill email" field provided under "Payment methods". Make sure to click on "Save and update profile" once you are done.

  • 1.25 - Can I accept other payment methods through my profile?

    No. You may declare payment methods you accept from clients, including credit cards and wire transfers, and you may add Skrill or PayPal links to your profile to allow clients to more easily send payment via these methods, but does not process outsourcer-service provider payments through your profile.

  • 1.26 - Can I receive files through my profile?

    Yes. You can receive files sent to you through your profile page via the Send file (beta)... option at the top of the addressee's profile page.

    You will find more information about the Send file (beta)... function here.

  • 1.27 - What kinds of content (text, HTML, etc.) can I put in my profile page?

    Only plain text and basic HTML can be used in Profile pages. JavaScript, HTML tables, and other advanced techniques will usually not work. Your Site, however, can support all types of contents, including JavaScript. To access your site, use the "Create your site" or "Edit your site" links on your Profile page.

  • 1.28 - Can I use HTML in my personal information (first name, last name, username, etc.)?

    No, only plain text may be used. HTML characters such as < or > will be converted to plain text.

    This also applies to your keywords and tagline. The basic rule of thumb is that if it appears only on your Profile page, HTML is allowed. If it appears anywhere else on the site, HTML is not allowed.

  • 1.29 - How do I delete my profile?

    You can delete your profile by going to your "settings" tab from your profile page. Once you've arrived to your settings tab, you will need to scroll down and click on the link that reads "Remove account" which then will enable to remove your profile entirely.

    Note: Once you remove your profile, email notifications will automatically stop. Also, if you ever want to reactivate your profile, you may contact support to have them reactivate your account.

  • 1.30 - How can I change the title displayed in my profile?

    In order to add/edit the title displayed in your profile, go to the Settings tab and select the "Search engine settings" section. In this way you can add/edit the title displayed in your profile or leave this field blank to use a search engine optimized title.

  • 1.31 - Can I add a user message to my profile?

    Yes. To add a user message to your profile, simply click on the small note pad next to "User message" in your profile main page, enter your message and click on "Save".

    You can also use the HTML tags in your message.

  • 1.32 - Can I add a tagline to my profile?

    Yes. You can add a short phrase that sums up your most important attribute as a service provider or outsourcer (or tagline) to show below your site name in your profile and in the Translators and interpreter directory.

    To enter a tagline, click on the small edit icon next to "Edit your tagline", below your profile name. This will take you to the "Personalization" section of your Profile updater. Type in your tagline and then click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

  • 1.33 - How do I report my translation education in my profile?

    To report your translation education, go to the "Professional history" section of your Profile updater and select the highest translation-related degree you have earned from the drop-down menu and then specify the issuing school. Finally, click on "Save and update profile" to save this new information.

  • 1.34 - How do I report years of experience in my profile?

    To add information on the years of translation experience you have, simply go to the "Professional history" section of your Profile Updater, specify your years of experience and the year in which you started working as a professional translator and then click on "Save and Update profile" to save this information.

  • 1.35 - I need help with completing my profile. Who should I contact?

    If you need help with completing your profile, contact site staff via a support request. Site staff will be able to help you with missing information as well as with making your profile even more appealing to potential clients.

    You can also watch this video tutorial, see if you can apply this to your profile, and then contact site staff so that they have a good look at your profile and suggest any further additions or improvements.

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  • 2 - Services

  • 2.1 - How do I add a monolingual service?

    Some users may choose to add monolingual services in their profiles, including checking/editing, voiceover, education, transcription, etc. To do this, simply go to the 'Languages' section of your Profile Updater, click on 'Add new pair' and choose the same language in both the 'Source language' and 'Target language' drop-down menus.

    Then, check all the appropriate boxes to indicate the services you perform for this monolingual language 'pair,' and click on the 'Add pair' button.

    If you check your profile then, you will see under your profile picture that a 'XXX (monolingual)' language has been added.

  • 2.2 - How can I report the services I offer?

    To report the services you offer, simply go the "Services" section of your Profile updater and select the services you offer from the list to the left and click on "Add>>". Once you have added your services to the list to the right, click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page to save your services.

  • 2.3 - Why is it important to report services offered?

    Your profile is your public face at It serves as your business card and directory listing, and is the first impression of you that colleagues and potential clients will have when they find you at profiles have the highest Google "page rank" of all human translation portals. This means that in addition to finding your profile via, there is also a good chance that potential clients will find your profile when seeking language professionals using search engines such as Google or Yahoo!--provided that you optimize your profile accordingly. So, by reporting in your profile the services you offer, you increase the chances of showing as part of search results when potential clients search by keyword (eg. "translation", "interpreting", "training", etc.).

    Also, reporting services in your profile allows you to be notified of recent job postings in the language pairs and the fieldsyou are interested (also reported in your profile). For information on the criteria taken into account for job notifications, click here. To set your job notification preferences, visit your jobs dashboard.

    Finally, remember that to be able to quote on jobs and show up in the directory, you must have reported in your profile the service specified by the outsourcer in the job posting or in the directory search.

  • 2.4 - I am listed as an agency but I also work as a freelancer, should I have two profiles?

    No, you don't need to have two profiles. Many agencies in the site are listed as both agencies and freelancers. To be recognized as both, all you need to do is go to your "Profile updater" and select the option 'Freelancer and outsourcer' for Account type.

  • 2.5 - I'm not listed as interpreter

    Please check that you have added "Interpreting" in the "Services & offerings" section of your "Profile updater".

    Make sure to click on "Save and update profile" once you are done.

  • 2.6 - How can I report software / CAT tools I use in my profile?

    You can report any software or CAT tool you use in the "Services and offerings" section of your Profile updater. Just select a software from the list available to the left in the "Software / CAT tools" section and clock on "Add". Once you have added all the software tools you want to report to the list on the right, just click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page. If the CAT tool or software you want to list is not provided, use the "Add CAT tool / software not listed" field to report such tool.

  • 2.7 - I am SDL TRADOS Certified. How do I show it on my profile?

    If you are SDL TRADOS Certified, you can show it in your profile under the Services tab. To do so, you must first add SDL TRADOS to your list of supported software here and click on 'Save and update'. When the page refreshes, you will see an option to show your SDL TRADOS Certification on your profile.

    To learn more about SDL TRADOS Certification visit this page.

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  • 3 - Languages

  • 3.1 - How do I report a new language pair in my profile?

    To report a new language pair in your profile go to the "Languages" section of your Profile updater and select a source and a target language from the "Add new language pair" drop-down menus. Select one or more services you offer in the new language pair being added and click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page.

  • 3.2 - How do I change the order of language pairs reported in my profile?

    To change the order of language pairs reported in your profile, go to the "Languages" section of your Profile Updater, click and drag each pair to the position you would like them to appear in your profile and click on "Save current order" to save the order selected. Don't forget to click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page to save the changes applied.

  • 3.3 - How do I enter "languages of interest"?

    To enter a language of interest in your profile, just enter a new language pair from the "Languages" section of your Profile updater as you would normally do (following the steps described here). Once the language pair has been reported, click on "Edit" next to the pair just added and you will be given 2 options: 1) I work in this pair, show it in my profile and 2) I only have an interest in this pair, do not show it in my profile. Select this last option and finally click on 'Save and update profile' at the bottom of the page to save the changes applied.

    If you want to turn a working language pair into a pair of interest, just go to the "Languages" section of your Profile updater and click on "Edit" next to the language pair you want to change. You will be given 2 options: 1) I work in this pair, show it in my profile and 2) I only have an interest in this pair, do not show it in my profile. Select this last option and finally click on 'Save and update profile' at the bottom of the page to save the changes applied.

  • 3.4 - How do I report my native language(s)?

    You can report your native language or languages (with a maximum of 2) from the "Languages" section of your Profile updater. In the "Native language" field, select your native language(s) from the menu available to the left and click on "Add". Then, simply click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

  • 3.5 - Native language variants

  • 5.1 - Why is asking for my native language variants?

    At this time is gathering information on language variants. The purpose of this project will be determined once sufficient information has been received and analyzed.

  • 5.2 - In which language should I write my variant?

    Gathering data this way helps keep the information consistent. That being said, these entries may be localized later on.

  • 5.3 - How will this data be used?

    At this point, there are no plans to use the data other than gather information.

  • 5.4 - Can job posters filter by this information?

    No, and there are currently no plans to offer this as a filter.

  • 5.5 - How many variants may I specify?

    You may enter in two variants per native language.

  • 5.6 - I am proficient in multiple variants of my language, which should I add?

    You should add those variants that you are most comfortable with. In many cases these will be the ones that you have worked with the longest, but may in fact be those that you currently use on a daily basis.

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  • 4 - Fields of Expertise

  • 4.1 - How can I report fields in my profile?

    To report fields in your profile, go to the "Services and offerings" section of your Profile updater. To report 'General fields' simply select a field from the list to the right and click on "Add" to have the chosen field(s) added to the list on the left. Once you have moved to the left all the general fields you want to report, just click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page to save your selections.

    To report specialty, working and interest fields, select each field from the list available in the 'Specialty fields' section and click on "Add to list of fields in which I specialize", "Add to list of fields in which I work" or "Add to list of fields in which I am interested" depending on the category in which you want to report each field. Click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page to save the fields added.

  • 4.2 - How can I remove fields from my profile?

    To remove a field reported in your profile, go to the "Services and offerings" section of your Profile updater. If the field you want to remove is a general field, just select the field you want to delete from the list to the left and click on "Remove". Finally, click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the Profile updater page to save the changes.

    To remove specialty, working or interest fields, just check the box next to the field you want to remove and then click on "Remove selected" at the bottom of the list. Do not forget to click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page to save the recent change.

  • 4.3 - Can I change the order of fields reported in my profile?

    Yes, you can change the order of specialty, working and interest fields you have reported in your profile from the "Services and offerings" section of your Profile updater. Just click on each field and drag it to the position you would like it to occupy in the list of fields. Remember to click on "Save order" at the bottom of the list after moving each field.

  • 4.4 -'da uzmanlık alanları nasıl sınıflandırılmaktadır?

    İş ilanlarını, terim sorularını, kişisel uzmanlık alanlarını, sözlükleri ve birçok şeyi sınıflandırmak amacıyla'da çeşitli kategori yapıları kullanılmaktadır. İki ana yapı bulunmaktadır: Genel kategorileri (9 adet) ve detaylı kategorileri (100'ün üzerinde).

  • 4.5 - What are the detailed categories of expertise?

    The detailed categories are a subject classification system developed based on the keywords used in a free entry box to describe the fields of KudoZ questions asked.

    This more detailed category structure has been created with the following aims:
    * Providing a means of expressing specific areas of expertise in profiles and jobs
    * Providing finer KudoZ categorization, enabling more targeted emailing and, eventually, user download of field-specific glossaries

    All users are advised to enter detailed fields of expertise (working and interest) in their profile pages, in the expertise section. Also, whenever possible, a detailed category should be entered at the time a new KudoZ question is posted. Furthermore, users with a sufficient number of KudoZ points can be given the right to classify questions which the asker has not classified with detailed categories, and are encouraged to do so.

  • 4.6 - Kullanılan alanlar nasıl belirlendi?

    Hem genel hem de detaylı "disiplin" grupları, site kullanım kalıplarının analizine göre oluşturulmuştur. Genel kategoriler, inceleme dönemi esnasında yayınlanan ilanlarının yer aldığı en üst seviye genel kategorilerdir. Detaylı kategoriler ise, inceleme dönemi esnasında yayınlanan KudoZ terimlerinin yer aldığı en üst seviye detaylı kategorilerdir.

  • 4.7 - Alanlar mantıklı görünmüyor.'da kullanılan alanların sınıflandırılması, piyasa niteliklerini yansıtmaktadır. Titiz akademik analizlere karşı çıkmak için hiçbir çaba sarf edilmemiştir.

  • 4.8 - Dizinde müsait bir alan var ancak kendi uzmanlığım olarak ekleyemiyorum. O kategori altında nasıl listelenebilirim?

    Seçtiğiniz herhangi bir kategori altında listelenebilirsiniz. Sadece,'un açılır menülerdeki alanları nasıl ele aldığını anlamanız gerekmektedir.

    Açılır menüleri kullanma biçimimiz, bir parça alışılmışın dışındadır. Çünkü, örneğin bazı kişiler "arabalar"ı düşünmektedir--ki bizim "resmi" kategorimiz "otomotiv"dir--açılır menümüzde bazı alanlar için çifte giriş ekleriz. Bu "sözde-alanlar", "resmi" kategorilerimize yönlendirmekten başka bir şey yapmazlar.

    Resmi olarak "Seyahat ve Turizm" olarak adlandırdığımız kategori konusunda, örneğin doğrudan "Seyahat ve Turizm" kategorisine yönlendirilmiş "Oteller = Turizm" isimli bir sözde kategori oluşturduk. Bu nedenle, uzmanlık alanlarınıza "Seyahat ve Turizm" kategorisini eklediğinizde, dizin aramaları yapılırken adınız "Oteller = Turizm" kategorisinde de listelenecektir.

    Eşittir işaretli (=) bir kategori gördüğünüzde, bir başka "resmi" kategoriyi temsil eden ikili bir (sözde alan) giriş olduğunu unutmayın.

  • 4.9 - Why is my specialty not available?

    If you can't find your specialty, please send in a support request indicating which one you would liked added and then we will add it to our task list for development.

  • 4.10 - Yapıda bir değişiklik önerebilir miyim?

    Evet, lütfen bir destek talebinde bulunun.

    Tek bir talep üzerine bir kategorinin eklenecek olmasının pek mümkün olmadığını unutmayın. Fakat ek kategori talepleri, site kullanım kalıplarının devam eden incelemesiyle birlikte, kategori yapısında gelecekteki değişiklikleri belirleyecektir.

  • 4.11 - "Arabalar" ve "otomotiv" gibi, iki kez gösterilen kategoriler nedir?

    Çünkü inceleme dönemi esnasında önemli sayıda insan, bu kategorilerin her birini alan adı olarak girmiştir. Benzer verilerin (örneğin KudoZ terimleri) ayrılmasını önlemek amacıyla bu birbirine benzeyen (ya da neredeyse birbirine benzeyen) kategoriler, veritabanında bir arada tutulmaktadır. Böylece, bir soruyu "otomotiv" ya da "araba" sorusu olarak girip girmemeniz önemli olmaz; kesinlikle aynı şekilde işlem görecek ve gösterilecektir.

    Detaylı kategori yapısıyla çalışmanın en iyi yolu, onun hakkında fazla düşünmemektir!

  • 4.12 - How many "general", "specialties", and "working" fields can I enter in my profile from the "Edit Specialties" page?

    You are allowed to enter up to 10 specialties, 30 working fields, and for now, all of the general fields you like.

    Note: Only 5 or less from the general field will appear on your profile page, however all your "specialty fields" will appear on your profile page.

  • 4.13 - What is the difference between 'Specialty fields' and 'Working fields'?

    Specialty fields are also working fields, but they are fields in which you specialize or do your best work. If your top area is, say, Medicine, you should make sure it is listed as your top specialty, and you should consider accompanying this with sample translations related to Medicine in your profile. Outsourcers can look for language professionals by specialty fields, so this can be important in meeting potential clients.

  • 4.14 - How do I edit my working, interests, specialties, general fields on my profile page?

    On the bottom left of your profile page there is a link titled "edit expertise" under the title "Expertise". (Also, you can edit your specialties under the "setting tab" under the title "fields of expertise" from your profile page.) Click on "edit expertise", which will allow you to edit your working, interests, specialties, and general fields.

  • 4.15 - Why can't I enter more than 10 "specialty" fields (and 30 "working" fields)?

    It is possible to select 10 "specialty" and 30 "working" fields, which means you may appear in the directory for a total of 40 fields. While we recognize that there are translators who are able to work in more fields, users are asked to select their best 10 (and after that, their next-best 30). If you would like to market yourself in other fields as well, we ask that you do so with your local clients, or using channels available to you besides the directory--there, we just want your top 10/40.

  • 4.16 - How do I know which item I've chosen on the expertise page?

    Once you've clicked on the radio button or in the boxed area of a given selection, that particular box chosen will then appear highlighted yellow for easy visibility.

  • 4.17 - Why aren't my detailed categories of expertise displayed on my profile page?

    Only categories that you select as "specialty" categories will appear on your profile page.

  • 4.18 - What is the "counter box" on the "edit expertise page"?

    The counter box keeps track of how many "specialty" and "working" fields you have left to enter. Remember you can only enter 10 "specialty" fields and "30" working fields.

    Note: You can hide the counter by clicking [hide] on the counter box. Also, the counter only works with javascript.

  • 4.19 - The "counter" is covering the specialty/working columns, what can I do?

    On some computer monitors the "counter" may overlap your column choices. If this is happening, you can either hide the hit counter or you can scroll down slowly, which will move the "counter" so you can select the button.

  • 4.20 - Why is it not possible to specify the same field as specialty, working and interest field?

    Once a field has been added to an area (as specialization, working or interest field) through the Profile updater, it will no longer be available in the list of fields to be added to one of the other two areas.

    The logic behind this is that if you report a field as a specialty field, then you work and you are interested in this field. So, no need to add it in all three areas. In the same way, if you work in a field then it means you are interested in that field but you are not necessarily an specialist. Finally, being interested in a field does not mean you are an specialist or that you work in that field.

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  • 5 - Contact information

  • 5.1 - How can I start completing my contact information?

    To start completing your contact information, go to the "Contact" section of your Profile Updater and enter information for the following fields:

    • Email addresses
    • Complete address (including country, state, city and postal code)
    • Phone and fax numbers
    • Web page URL
    • Time zone
    • Map location

    Once you have entered information for all these fields, simply click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the Profile Updater page to save your changes.

    Note that you can set visibility permissions for your contact information by using the options available in the "Show to" drop-down menu next to each field.

  • 5.2 - I have entered my contact info but the quick profile does not show it. utilizes more than one web server. When you uploaded new information in your "profile updater"., it can take between several minutes and a half hour for it to be copied to all the web servers. During this time, you may notice a blank where you entered the information. Please give it some time before submitting a support request.

  • 5.3 - Can I make my email address visible in the "Contact" section of my profile?

    No. This is designed as a means of security, to protect your address from spammers, and is why the profile email sending function (the little envelope at the top of your profile) is used. If you choose to publicly post your email address, you may do so for example in the "About me" section or CV of your profile; please be aware of the risks of doing so, however.

  • 5.4 - How do I add Skype to my profile page?

    At the moment Skype is separate from the other IMs. You can add Skype to your profile by going to your"Profile updater" and editing your "Contact information".

    To show your Skype status publicly, go to Skype-- Tools-- Options-- Privacy in your Skype, and select the option to "Allow my status to be shown on the web".

  • 5.5 - How can I set my location in the map?

    You can enter your location on the map by visiting this page and following the steps described. You can also edit your location by clicking on the "edit" icon below the map image in your profile.

  • 5.6 - How can hide / show the map in my profile?

    You can show / hide the map in your profile by clicking on the two small arrows at the bottom of the map to the left of your profile page:

  • 5.7 - Can I control the online status shown in my profile?

    Yes. If you don't want your online status to show (via the "P" icon at the top of your profile page), you can choose to hide it from this page. You can also add, delete or hide other instant messaging icons in your profile. Remember that showing your online status can be a useful way of letting people you work with know you are available via profile mail or Instant Messaging.

  • 5.8 - instant messenger option (small "P") / online status is not showing in my profile. Why?

    If the small "P" icon that shows your online status and serves as an instant messanger tool is not showing in your profile, check your instant messenger settings to make sure you have chosen to show your online status (if so, the link option next to ' Online Status' should read "Hide").

    If the link option next to ' Online Status' reads "Show", click on this option and then re-fresh your profile page to confirm the icon shows (note that this change may take a few minutes).

    If the icon still does not show after changing your settings, please submit a support request so that staff can look into the issue further.

  • 5.9 - How do I add a Twitter feed to my profile page?

    You can add a Twitter feed to your profile in your 'Profile updater' , under the 'Contact' tab .

    For more information on how to take advantage of a Twitter feed on your profile, please visit this forum thread.

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  • 6 - Availability calendar

  • 6.1 - What is the availability calendar?

    Your availability calendar lets you indicate to potential clients your approximate availability to take on new work. It is shown in your profile page and in various other places throughout the site.

  • 6.2 - What is the value of indicating my availability?

    Outsourcers with urgent projects can search for those who have indicated they are immediately available for new work. Specifying that you are available helps you appear in these searches. On the other hand, if you are currently busy, indicating that you are not available can help prevent you from being contacted with such requests. It can also be helpful to give potential clients and collaborators a rough idea of what your upcoming schedule looks like.

  • 6.3 - How can I specify my availability?

    Specify your availability in your availability calendar, reachable by clicking the small round availability indicator icon next to your name at the top of each page, or by clicking here:

    To indicate your availability on a specific date, click that day in the calendar and a dialog will prompt you to specify your availability. For example, if you're completely available for the work day on the 25th, select "100% Available". If you're only partially available for half the day, select "Partially available (50%)".

    To specify availability for several days at once, click and drag with your mouse to select multiple days.

  • 6.4 - How is "capacity" used in the availability calendar?

    When you set your average sustainable capacity in words per day (WPD), your availability calendar will also automatically display approximately how many words you can process on any particular day.

    When estimating your productivity using WPD, assume that you won't be using a Translation Memory. Your "burst" rate WPD should be an estimate of a one-day maximum for projects with tight deadlines when you have 100% availability.

    If you prefer not to express your productivity for others, consider entering rates for your own purposes and leaving them visible only to yourself. Future features (planning, etc.) may allow you to make use of these.

  • 6.5 - How are "working hours" used in the availability calendar?

    Your standard working hours and time zone are displayed at the top of your availability calendar, along with information about differences between your time zone and the person viewing your calendar.

    In addition, if the "Consider me unavailable outside of working hours" option is selected in your calendar settings, an indication of your remaining availability for the current work day can be automatically adjusted as your day progresses (see below for details).

  • 6.6 - What is "Availability remaining in current work day", and why is it different than the availability specified in my calendar?

    If the options "Consider me unavailable outside of working hours" or "Consider me unavailable on weekends" are selected in your calendar settings, your availability remaining in the current work day is automatically calculated, and shown above your availability calendar. For example, if you specified that you are 100% available today, and that you have a capacity of 3000 WPD, when your work day is half over your "Availability remaining in current work day" will indicate "Partially available (1500 words)".

    This "adjusted" availability is shown above your availability calendar and in your profile page, in addition to the availability you have specified for that day. It is not currently reflected in other availability indicators or searches, though this functionality may be added in the future.

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  • 7 - Profile picture

  • 7.1 - How do I upload a profile photo or image?

    An easy way to upload a photo to your profile is by clicking on the "Add/edit photo" icon below the photo box.

    This will take you to the section of your profile updater designed for that purpose. You will be able to upload images in the following formats jpg, .gif, .png and up to 200x320 pixels.

    To complete the uploading process successfully you should first tick the box next to the following message.

    It may take several minutes for your new profile image to be publicly visible.

  • 7.2 - How can I upload images (besides my profile photo) to show in my profile?

    To include images in your profile, you must first upload them to a web hosting provider. If you are a site member, you can set up a free hosting account at See the hosting info page for details.

  • 7.3 - Is there a limit to the kind of profile image I may use?

    The image(s) used in a profile should not be political, misleading or offensive in nature, and should in general respect the site's scope.

    Keep in mind that the image you use in your profile represents you professionally. Images which are found to be offensive, misleading or political in nature may be removed.

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  • 8 - Native Speaker Credential

  • 8.1 - What is the Native Speaker credential?

    The Native Speaker credential is a mark that signifies that a member is a native speaker of a given language.

    A "capital-N" icon already appears on profile pages, and in a few months will appear throughout the site beside the names of members who have received the credential. It looks like this: Native Speaker: Russian Russian

    Mousing over the mark or clicking on it reveals additional information.

  • 8.2 - How do I get the credential for a single language? members with one native language are asked to simply declare that language. To report your native language, go to the "Languages" section of your Profile updater, select your native language from the list to the left in the "Native language" section and click on "Add". Once the language is part of the list to the right, click on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page to save your selection.

  • 8.3 - How do I get the credential in more than one language?

    A member who reports having only one native language is assumed to be a native speaker of that language, and is not required to demonstrate it. However, members who report multiple native languages will in the future be asked to demonstrate their native speech in each language before other native speakers of those languages. Until this has been accomplished, a black and gray icon will be associated with the unconfirmed native languages.

  • 8.4 - I need to declare a second native language, or I've made a mistake in entering my native language(s).

    Please submit a support request for assistance.

  • 8.5 - How many native languages can be reported?

    Until we have developed a strategy to verify multiple native languages, only two unverified native languages are allowed to be reported in profiles.

  • 8.6 - What definition of "native speaker" is used?

    Rather than imposing a definition of "native", the PNS program leaves the definition to members. When declaring one's own single language, a definition is not required.

    In the case of those declaring multiple native languages, the speech will be deemed native if several other Native Speakers find it to be native (according to their own definitions.)

  • 8.7 - Will clients see the credential?

    In the short term, native speaker credentials will only be shown on profile pages. After enough time has been given for all members to consider applying for the credential, it will also appear at other points throughout the site. In addition, members will be given a means of showing the credential to potential clients on and off the site.

    The choice of whether or not to apply for, and show, the credential, is left to each member.

  • 8.8 - Does the PNS credential tell whether or not someone is a good translator?

    Absolutely not. Native language is only one factor that a client may consider when screening a translator or interpreter. It is usually not the most important factor.

  • 8.9 - How much does it cost to apply for the PNS credential?

    There will be no fee for declaring native language ability in one language. It has not yet been determined whether a fee will be necessary for the verfication procedure involved for those who declare multiple languages.

  • 8.10 - My two native languages are pending. How soon can I prove them?

    We are developing a strategy now. When we have a practical program in place, you will be notified.

  • 8.11 - What do the different colored icons mean?

    A blue and yellow Native Speaker icon () is used to represent native languages that are reasonably certain to be accurate. This includes native languages that have been confirmed by, and native languages reported by members who have sworn that they only have one native language (a native language cannot be changed once it is declared).

    A black and gray Native Speaker icon () is used to represent native languages that have been reported, but not confirmed. This includes native languages reported by non-members, even when they only report a single native language.

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  • 9 - Verified Identity Program

  • 9.1 - What is the Verified Identity Program (VID)? staff member, moderators and other volunteers have undertaken a program to confirm the identity of interested site users.

    A checkmark appearing in a user's profile signifies that the identity of the person may have been verified. Clicking on the checkmark will provide more information. Access to this information may prove useful in assessing risk when forming new online relationships.

    The purpose of confirming members' IDs is to increase mutual trust across the site, in particular among users who don't know each other personally.

  • 9.2 - How can I have my profile identity verified?

    The Identity Verification application page provides three means of getting your identity verified.

    1) One way to have your identity verified is to have met--in person--a staff member, moderator or member who has been given the right to verify identities. (A list of those with the power to verify identities is included in the application form. Only in-person meetings will be considered.)

    2) The other way to get your identity verified is to make a credit card purchase using a card that carries the same name that is entered in your profile page. If you purchase site membership or training at the website, your identity will be verified automatically if all the conditions are met (see 9.7 below).

    3) If you would like to have your identity verified without purchasing membership or training, you may make a one-time non-refundable credit card payment of $5 (US). Please be sure that the credit card is in your name, and your name is in your profile under your "Real name" (whether or not your choose to make your real name visible to others).

    There is currently no way to have your identity verified by any other means, including faxing, etc.

    Note: At the moment only direct credit card and Paypal payments are accepted for ID verification purposes.

  • 9.3 - What is the timeline for the VID program?

    It will take several months for the identities of a significant percentage of the community to be verified. Until that time, no special advantages will be given to users with verified identities.

    Once a significant number of profiles have been verified, checkmarks will appear not only on profile pages, but also at points throughout the site.

  • 9.4 - Why is my identity not verified anymore?

    If you change the given name, middle name, or last name in your profile after your identity has already been verified, your identity verification will be revoked. To get re-verified, you will need to submit a support request.

  • 9.5 - How do I get VIDed at a powwow?

    In order to have your ID verified at a powwow by a member who has the authority to verify identities, you must show that person picture identification when you meet him or her in person.

    As with other VID methods, the name on your picture ID must match the real name you have entered in your profile. But unlike the other VID methods performed by site staff, you must also elect to show your real name on the site. Otherwise the member won't be able to see your name and compare it with the name shown on your ID. After you are VIDed, you may choose to hide your real name again if you wish.

    You can edit the real name in your profile by selecting "My>My Settings->Personal Data" from the menu.

    You can choose to hide or show your real name in your profile by selecting "My>My Settings->Basic Profile" from the menu.

    Once you have shown your real name on the site, met a member with VIDing authority in person and shown him or her your picture identification, you can submit a request to that person to verify your identity on the site. To do so, go to the VID application page.

    On the VID application, select the "met in person" option, and select the name of the person you met from the drop down list of authorized VIDers. (If the person's name is not in the list, he doesn't have such authority.) Then enter the date and location of your meeting, and submit the form. The person will receive an email request to verify your identity.

  • 9.6 - How can I get authorized to verify other users' identities?

    If your own identity has already been verified, you may apply for the authority to VID other users by submitting a support request.

  • 9.7 - I have paid with credit card but I am not ID verified yet.

    When a request for ID verification is submitted using the payment option, the name in your profile under "Real name" should match exactly the one that you have on your credit card or Paypal account. uses this information to certify that the name you have entered in your profile is the same that you have entered in your credit card or Paypal account.

    If for any reason the information in your credit card or Paypal account does not match exactly the one in your profile, your identity will not be verified.

    You will understand that ID verification is a very sensitive issue, as is testifying to the whole community that you are actually the person you say you are, which is why we need credit card confirmation about your identity.

    Please note that at the moment only direct credit card and Paypal payments are accepted for ID verification purposes.

  • 9.8 - I received a message stating that my identity could not be verified. Why?

    If you have a "Translation company" account type, your identity will not be verified. Since the purpose of confirming members' IDs is to increase mutual trust across the site, in particular among users who don't know each other personally, only "Freelancer", "Freelancer and outsourcer" and "Student" accounts will be considered for ID verification.

    Also, if you applied for verification using the payment method and the name on the account you are using to pay does not match the name in your profile (or you have not entered any name in your profile), then your identity will not be verified.

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  • 10 - Credentials

  • 10.1 - Bir "sertifika" nedir?

    Dünya çapındaki çeşitli kurumlar, okullar ve diğer kuruluşlar, çevirmenlere'un "sertifika" adını verdiği şeyi sunarlar. Bunlar "sertifikaları", "diplomaları" ve diğer türden belgeleri içerebilir.

  • 10.2 -'da sertifikalar nasıl kullanılır?

    Üyeler için, edinmiş oldukları sertifikaları profil sayfaları üzerinden bildirmeleri mümkündür. Benzer şekilde iş ilanı verenler de, iş ilanlarını bildirilmiş sertifikalara sahip üyelere sınırlayabilirler. (İş ilanlarını, bildirilmiş sertifikalara sahip olanlara sınırlamayabilirler de.) Ayrıca, dizin aramaları bildirilmiş veya doğrulanmış sertifikası olanlarla sınırlandırılabilir.

    Çevirmen sertifikaları için tek tip bir standart olmadığını unutmayın. Ayrıca, sertifikalar birçok dilde mevcut olmayabilir ve bazı bölgelerde yaşayanlar için sertifika edinme fırsatı elde etmek zor olabilir. İş ilanlarını ya da dizin aramalarını bildirilmiş sertifikalarla sınırlandırma seçeneğinin dikkatlice ve sadece başlıca dil çiftleri için kullanılması önerilir.

  • 10.3 - Sertifikalarımı nasıl bildirebilirim?

    Bir sertifikayı bildirmek için, öncelikle Profil Güncelleyicinize gidin ve Dil çiftleri kısmında belirtilen ilgili dil çiftinin yanındaki 'Sertifika ekle' bağlantısına tıklayın. Tanınmış kurumlardan aldığınız profesyonel sertifikaları, belgeleri ve akreditasyonları bildirmenizi sağlayan bir pencerecik açılacaktır.

    Not: (Eğer mümkünse) her iki dil çifti için de bildirimde bulunduğunuzdan emin olun.

    Bu işlemi tüm sertifikalarınız için yaptığınızda, profilinizdeki Sertifikalar kısmında görünecektir.

  • 10.4 - Doğrulama için sertifikalarımın bir kopyasını göndermem gerekir mi?

    İş ilanlarında kullanılan sertifika filtresi, sertifikanızı ilan edip etmediğinizi esas alır. Sertifikalarınızın doğrulanması, profilinize ve size yarar sağlar ve potansiyel müşterilerinize kalifiye bir profesyonel olduğunuzu garanti eder.

    Not: Eğer bir sertifika ilan ederseniz, adınıza ait o sertifikanın varlığını doğrulamak amacıyla site tarafından istenebilir. Eğer ilan ettiğiniz bir sertifikayı doğrulayamazsanız, profilinizden kaldırılabilir.

  • 10.5 - Bir sertifikayı nasıl doğrulatabilirim?, üyeler tarafından bildirilen dil ile alakalı sertifikaları doğrulamaktadır. Şu an için, aşağıdaki sertifikalar doğrulanabilir:

    • AAIT, AAIC, CTA, vb. gibi kuruluşların verdiği akreditasyonlar

    • Dil ile ilgili Akademik Sertifikalar/Akredite eğitim kurumlarının verdiği diplomalar

    Öncelikle, Dil çiftleri kısmında belirtilen ilgili dil çiftinin yanındaki 'Sertifika ekle' bağlantısına tıklayarak, Profil Güncelleyicinizde sertifikalarınızı bildirin. Tanınmış kurumlardan aldığınız profesyonel sertifikaları, belgeleri ve akreditasyonları bildirmenizi sağlayan bir pencerecik açılacaktır.

    İkinci adım olarak, sertifikalarınızın doğrulanması için en hızlı yöntem olan, çevrimiçi destek sistemimiz üzerinden sertifika(ları)nızı gönderin. Lütfen, sertifikanızı ekleyerek şimdi bir destek talebi gönderin.

    Ayrıca, aşağıdaki yöntemlerle,'a sertifikanızın kopyalarını (eğer gerekiyorsa İngilizce çevirisiyle birlikte) gönderebilirsiniz:

  • Posta adresi:
    calle 45 No 883, 3ro B
    (1900) La Plata
    Buenos Aires

  • Faks: +54-221-4251266

  • Eğer posta veya faks ile gönderiyorsanız, lütfen sertifikanızın doğrulanması için destek talebinde bulunun.

  • 10.6 -, kurum ve kuruluş üyeliklerinin doğrulamasını yapmakta mıdır?

    Genel olarak geçici ve değişikliğe tabi olduklarından, kurum ve kuruluşlardaki üyelikleri doğrulayamamaktadır.

  • 10.7 -, iş arkadaşları veya işverenlerin referans mektuplarını doğruluyor mu?

    Hayır. Sadece yetkili kurumların verdiği akreditasyonlar ve dil ile ilgili akademik sertifikalar/akredite eğitim kurumlarının verdiği diplomalar doğrulanabilir.

  • 10.8 - I took a language course, not a translation course. Can I declare it as a credential?

    Yes, you can declare that course, but only under the language you took a course for. For example, if you took an English course, you can only declare it under "English (monolingual)" in your profile.

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  • 11 - Rates

  • 11.1 - Ücretlerimi nasıl girerim?

    Ücretler, profil güncelleme sayfasından (buraya tıklayınız) girilir.

  • 11.2 - Bu benim için neden önemli?

    Ücret aralığınızı belirlemek, müşterilerin sizinle çalışmayı düşünmelerini kolaylaştırır. Ücret aralığınızı belirlerseniz, minimum ücretlerinizin altındaki iş bildirimleriyle rahatsız edilmezsiniz. Ayrıca, sizin dil çiftlerinizdeki diğer uzmanlardan gelen toplu verilerle kendi ücretlerinizi kıyaslayabilirsiniz.

    Ayrıca, çalışmaya istekli olduğunuz aralığı belirleyerek, müşterileri terbiye etmekte kullanılacak değerli bilgi sağlarsınız. Örneğin bir müşteri, kelime başına (oldukça düşük bir ücret olan) 0.001 sent ücretle iş ilanı yayınlamak istediğinde, kendisine o ücrette çalışmayı istemeyen uzmanların yüzdesini gösteren veriler sunulacaktır. Bu, makul olmayan teklifleri önlemeye yardımcı olur.

  • 11.3 - How do I enter rates for each language pair reported in my profile?

    You can enter language-specific rates by visiting your Profile Updater and clicking on "Edit rates" next to each language pair in the "Languages" section. A window will pop-up allowing you to enter custom rates for each language pair.

  • 11.4 - Can I report any surcharges, discounts or minimum charges aside from rates?

    Yes. You can report rate conditions through the Rate conditions page.

  • 11.5 - How can I show / hide rates in my profile?

    You can set visibility permissions for your rates in the "Financial" section of your Profile updater.

  • 11.6 - Minimum ve hedef ücretler nedir?

    Sizden, minimum ve hedef ücretler girmeniz istenecektir.

    Minimum değerler, çeviri işleri için kabul edeceğiniz mutlak minimum ücretlerdir. Minimum değeriniz altında kalan ilgili alan ücretlerinde yayınlanmış iş ilanları için hiçbir bildirim almamalısınız.

    Hedef ücret ise, aşağıdaki kriterleri karşılayan bir çeviri işi sunulduğunda isteyeceğiniz ücrettir:

    *Aşina olduğunuz bir konu üzerine olması

    * Sizin için hiçbir masraf gerektirmemesi (seyahat ücreti, yazılım, sözlük vb.)

    Hedef ücretiniz, CV'nizde veya kişisel websayfanızda potansiyel müşterilerin görmesi için listeleyebileceğiniz ücrettir.

  • 11.7 - Where can I include any sucharges, discounts, or minimum charges?

    You can list any adjustments you tend to make for special conditions when invoicing here.

  • 11.8 - Neden ücretleri girmeliyim?

    Bir ücret aralığı belirlemenin avantajları:

    (1) Bir ücret aralığı belirlemek, müşterilerin sizinle çalışmayı düşünmelerini kolaylaştırır.

    (2) Minimum ücretlerinizin altındaki iş bildirimleriyle rahatsız edilmezsiniz.

    (3) Sizin dil çiftlerinizdeki diğer uzmanlardan gelen toplu verilerle kendi ücretlerinizi kıyaslayabilirsiniz.

    Ayrıca, çalışmaya istekli olduğunuz aralığı belirleyerek, müşterileri terbiye etmekte kullanılacak değerli bilgi sağlarsınız. Örneğin bir müşteri, (oldukça düşük bir ücret olan) 0.001 sent/kelime ücretiyle iş ilanı yayınlamak istediğinde, kendisine o ücrette çalışmayı istemeyen uzmanların yüzdesini gösteren veriler sunulacaktır. Bu, makul olmayan teklifleri önlemeye yardımcı olur.

  • 11.9 - Serbest çalışan olarak henüz başladım. Ne ücret talep etmeliyim?

    Talep etmeniz gereken ücret, arzuladığınız gelire, verimliliğinize, izin miktarınıza ve diğer faktörlere bağlıdır. Temel hesaplamayı yapmak için bu ücret hesaplayıcıyı kullanın.

  • 11.10 - Ücretleri girmek zorunlu mudur?

    Ücret bilgilerini girmek zorunda değilsiniz. Ayrıca, girmeyi tercih etseniz bile, diğerlerine görünür kılmak zorunda da değilsiniz.

    Eğer belirli bir ücret aralığı girmekten rahatsız oluyorsanız, profil sayfanıza "Ücretler sadece hesaplama amacıyla girilmiştir ve işin incelenmesine bağlı olarak değişebilir." şeklinde bir not ekleyebilirsiniz.

  • 11.11 - İnsanların talep ettiği ücretler nedir? Toplu veriyi görebilir miyim?

    Bu sayfa üzerinden ya da menüdeki 'Ücretlere bak' bağlantısını kullanarak topluluğunun girdiği ücretleri görebilirsiniz. Sınırlamalar:

    • Sadece Site üyelerine özel
    • Sadece 'Serbest' ve 'Serbest ve şirket' hesap tiplerine özel
    • Oranlarınızı girmelisiniz
    • Dil çiftlerinizin en fazla 5 tanesi için ücretleri görebilirsiniz.

    Ortalama ücretlerin bir örneğini aşağıda görebilirsiniz:

  • 11.12 - How is my maximum rate calculated?

    Your maximum rate is calculated automatically based on the minimum rate you entered in your profile. It is 2.5 times the minimum rate. Note that as with all rates you enter, a lower or higher rate can always be negotiated after you are chosen to complete an assignment.

  • 11.13 - Ücretlerimi girdim ancak hâlâ minimum ücretimin de altında iş teklifleri alıyorum. Bu neden oluyor?

    Tüm işler "[Para birimi]nde [kelime|saat|toplam] başına [X]" formatına uymaz. Bazı işler, kelime yerime satır sayısını belirtir; devam eden ya da kurum içi işler genellikle farklı fiyatlandırma koşullarına sahiptir. Bu farklı durumlara uyum sağlamak amacıyla dışarıdan hizmet alanlara, iş için standart formatta fiyatlandırma girme ya da bir serbest form metin kutusu kullanarak fiyat girme seçeneği sunulur. Serbest form formatı kullanan işler ücret bakımından kontrol edilemez; bu nedenle, belirlediğiniz minimum altında olsa bile, bu tarz işler için bildirim almaya devam edersiniz.

    Gelecekte, dışarıdan hizmet alanlar, standart formatta fiyat girmeleri için daha fazla teşvik edilecekler ve standart fiyatlandırma girilsin ya da girilmesin, bildirimi alanları etkileyecektir.

  • 11.14 - Neden bir minimum çeviri ücreti belirlemiyor?


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  • 12 - Translator feedback, a.k.a. WWA (Willingness to Work Again)

  • 12.1 - YÇİ nedir?

    YÇİ sistemi; sözlü ve yazılı çevirmenler ile diğer hizmet sağlayıcılarına müşterilerinden ve meslektaşlarından "yeniden çalışma isteği" ("YÇİ") geribildirimi talep etme, toplama ve profilde görüntüleme aracı sunan bir özelliğidir.

    Site kullanıcıları, iş yaptıkları işverenler ve meslektaşlarından geribildirim talep edebilirler. İşverenler ve meslektaşlar, geribildirim sağlayarak talepleri yanıtlayabilirler. Ayrıca iş yaptıkları hizmet sağlayıcılarına herkese açık geribildirim sağlama konusunda kendi inisiyatiflerini kullanabilirler.

    YÇİ sayfası, YÇİ geribildirim talep etmeye veya sağlamaya istekli olan kişilere özel bir arayüz sunar.

  • 12.2 - YÇİ girişi nelerden oluşuyor?

    YÇİ girişi, üç bölümden oluşur:

    1. İşverenin "yeniden çalışma isteğini" belirtmiş olması ("Bu hizmet sağlayıcısına yeniden iş verir misiniz?" sorusuna "evet" yanıtını içerir)

    2. "Evet" yanıtına eşlik eden kısa bir açıklama (isteğe bağlı)

    3. Hizmet sağlayıcısının işverene tek satırlık yanıtı (isteğe bağlı)

  • 12.3 - YÇİ girişleri ne için iyidir?

  • Profil sahipleri, profil sayfalarına ulaşan potansiyel müşterileri çekmek için bu geribildirimleri profillerinin sağ üst köşesinde göstermeyi seçebilirler.

  • Önceki memnun müşterilerden "evet" YÇİ girişlerini göstermeyi tercih eden sözlü ve yazılı çevirmenler; potansiyel yeni müşterileri gerçek müşterilere dönüştürmek, ortalamanın üstündeki ücretlere geçerli neden sunmak ve deneme çevirisi yapma ihtiyacını azaltmak için daha iyi konumda bulunabilirler.

  • YÇİ girişlerinin olması, potansiyel müşterilerin dizininde serbest çevirmen bulmak için kullanabilecekleri arama kriterlerinden biridir.

  • Ayrıca bu geribildirimler, yeni hizmet sağlayıcısı bulurken riskleri yönetmek üzere işverenler için de yararlı olacaktır.

  • 12.4 - Bir işverenden YÇİ girişi talep etmek ve/veya işverenin YÇİ girişi yapmasına yönelik şartlar nelerdir?

    İşveren, hizmet sağlayıcısına daha önce en az bir ücretli iş vermiş olmalıdır. YÇİ girişlerinin deneme çevirilerine veya diğer önceki ilişkilere istinaden yapılmasına izin verilmez.

    "İşveren" terimi, burada geniş anlamda ücretli iş veren kişileri ifade etmek için kullanılmaktadır. İşveren, sadece çeviri bürolarını ve son müşterileri değil, aynı zamanda yoğun olduklarında çalışma arkadaşlarına iş gönderen sözlü ve yazılı çevirmenleri de içerir.

    İşverenler, kendileri için iş yapan her bir hizmet sağlayıcısına sadece bir YÇİ girişi sağlayabilirler. Ancak aynı şirketten farklı proje yöneticileri, projelerinde çalışan bir hizmet sağlayıcısına geribildirim sunabilirler.

  • 12.5 - Can I request feedback from different project managers I have worked with in the same company?


  • 12.6 - How can I help identify the maker of a feedback entry?

    When possible, a translator feedback entry includes a link to a profile or Blue Board record that represents the person who gave the feedback. This information can be helpful to others when determining how much to rely on a particular feedback entry.

    If the person was not logged in when giving feedback, you can help to identify them by finding a Blue Board record or profile with which they are associated, and then submitting that information in a support request. (Staff will attempt to corroborate it based on email address and other information.)

    If you have worked for the outsourcer who gave a feedback entry, you can also help by making an entry in that outsourcer's Blue Board record.
    When you identify a matching Blue Board record, submit that information in a support request. staff will attempt to verify the association, either by matching the email address of the person who gave the feedback, or by contacting the Blue Board record's primary contact for verification.

  • 12.7 - YÇİ girişi sağlamak için üyesi olmam gerekiyor mu?

    Evet, şu anda sadece kayıtlı üyeleri YÇİ girişi yapabilmektedir. Bu karar; aldığımız geribildirimlere, kötüye kullanım olasılığının ortaya çıkması ve üyelerin zorunlu kayıtla kendilerini daha rahat hissetmelerine dayanmaktadır.

    Bu, gelecekte tüm taraflar için uygulanabilecek yöntemler bulunması durumunda değişebilir.

  • 12.8 - "Evet" yanıtı işverenlere sorulan "yeniden çalışma isteği" sorusuna tek olası yanıt mı?

    Şimdilik site kullanıcılarından yeniden çalışacakları sözlü ve yazılı çevirmenler için giriş yapılmasının istenmesine karar verilmiştir. (Diğer bir deyişle "Bu kişiyle yeniden çalışmak istiyor musunuz?" sorusuna yanıt olarak "hayır" veya "belki" girişleri yapmak mümkün değildir). Bu yaklaşım, bazı üyelerin kötüye kullanım olasılığı hakkında duydukları, bu özelliğin pazarlama gibi kilit rolüne dikkat çekebilecek endişeleri ele alma amacını taşımaktadır.

    Gelecekte dürüstlüğü (ve buna karşılık olarak aracın pazarlama etkinliğini) arttırmak amacıyla YÇİ girişi yapanlara "hayır" ve "belki" yanıtları da sunulacaktır. Bu kaygı vericiyse birtakım korumaların uygulanacağını ve ayrıca YÇİ girişlerinin varsayılan olarak sadece adına giriş yapılan kişi tarafından görülebileceğini unutmayın. YÇİ girişlerini herkese gösterme gibi bir zorunluluk hiçbir zaman olmayacaktır.

  • 12.9 - İyi fikir. Profilimde müşterilerimden gelen "yeniden çalışma isteği" girişlerini göstermek istiyorum. Bunu nasıl yapabilirim?

    Birlikte çalıştığınız bir işverenden YÇİ geribildirimi talep etmek için ana sayfadaki " Anasayfam" sekmesindeki "YÇİ sayfam" seçeneğine giderek "YÇİ girişi talep et" öğesini seçin. İşverenin ve Blue Board hesabı varsa "Ara" alanına işverenin profil adını yazın. Bu arama, kullanıcıları Blue Board sayfa ve profillerine yönlendirir. Ardından görünen listeden uygun girişi seçin ve bu işvereni adınıza YÇİ girişi sağlamak için davet göndereceğiniz işverenler listesine eklemek için "Listeye ekle" düğmesine tıklayın.

    İşvereni listeye ekledikten sonra belirlediğiniz işverenlere göndereceğiniz mesajı özelleştirebileceğiniz sayfaya gitmek için "Adım 2/3'e geç (e-postaları özelleştir)" düğmesine tıklayın. YÇİ girişi talep etmek için bir şablon metni bulacağınızı unutmayın. Bu metni kullanabilir ve/veya metni tercihlerinize uygun olarak özelleştirebilirsiniz. Ayrıca ad ve alternatif (ek) e-posta adresi de ekleyebilirsiniz.

    Son olarak önizleme yaparak talebinizi göndermek veya mesajınızı düzenlemek için "Adım 3/3'e geç (e-postaları önizle ve gönder)" düğmesine tıklayın.'da Blue Board sayfası olmayan işverenler için ise ilgili işverenlerin adlarını ve e-posta adreslerini girerek bu işverene göndereceğiniz mesajı özelleştirebileceğiniz sayfaya gitmek için "Adım 2/3'e geç (e-postaları özelleştir)" düğmesine tıklayın. YÇİ girişi talep etmek için işverenlerine yönelik bir şablon metni bulacağınızı unutmayın. Talebinizi göndermek için önizleme yaparak talebinizi göndermek veya mesajınızı düzenlemek için "Adım 3/3'e geç (e-postaları önizle ve gönder)" düğmesine tıklayın.

  • 12.10 - How can I send a translator feedback requests in languages other than English?

    You can completely customize the message that is sent when requesting translator feedback. However, a small box will appear at the bottom of the message, with special links for giving feedback. The content of this box is only available in English.

  • 12.11 - How can I reply to feedback entries I received?

    You can reply to WWA feedback entries you received from the My WWA entries/requests page.

  • 12.12 - Benim için iş yapan bir site kullanıcısı adına nasıl olumlu "yeniden çalışma isteği" girişi sağlayabilirim?

    Birlikte çalıştığınız bir hizmet sağlayıcısına YÇİ geribildirimi sağlamak için ana sayfadaki "'um" sekmesindeki "YÇİ Sayfam" seçeneğine giderek "YÇİ girişi sağla" öğesini seçin. Hizmet sağlayıcısı sizden daha önce YÇİ geribildirimi talep etmişse hizmet sağlayıcılarının adını ve üç olası eylem göreceksiniz:

    1) Eylem yok

    2) YÇİ sağla

    3) Sağlama

    Bu üç seçenekten birini seçerek "Adım 2/3'e geç (YÇİ bilgisi gir)" seçeneğine tıklayın. "Eylem yok" seçeneğini seçerseniz "Diğer hizmet sağlayıcılarını ara" seçeneğine yeniden yönlendirilirsiniz.

    "YÇİ sağla" seçeneğini seçerseniz sizden size davet gönderen hizmet sağlayıcıları için YÇİ bilgisi (ve "Daha önce bu hizmet sağlayıcısı ile çalıştınız mı?" ve "Bu hizmet sağlayıcısı ile yeniden çalışmak ister misiniz?" sorularına yanıt) girmeniz istenir. Ardından YÇİ girişlerinizi önizleme yaparak işlemek veya düzenlemek için "Adım 3/3'e geç (YÇİ girişlerini önizle)" düğmesine tıklamalısınız.

    Söz konusu hizmet sağlayıcıları için YÇİ geribildirimi sağlamak istemiyorsanız 1. adımdan başlama seçeneğine sahip olacaksınız.

    Hizmet sağlayıcılarından hiç YÇİ talebi gelmemişse "Ara" alanına kullanıcı adını veya gerçek adı (serbest çevirmen tarafından görünmesi seçilen ad) yazarak giriş yapmak istediğiniz hizmet sağlayıcısını aratın ve ardından görüntülenen listeden uygun girişe tıklayın. Aşağıda görünen veriler istediğiniz hizmet sağlayıcısına karşılık geliyorsa bu hizmet sağlayıcısını YÇİ girişi göndereceğiniz hizmet sağlayıcıları listesine eklemek için "Listeye ekle" seçeneğine tıklayın.

    Hizmet sağlayıcısını listeye ekledikten sonra seçtiğiniz hizmet sağlayıcılarına YÇİ bilgisi (ve "Daha önce bu hizmet sağlayıcısı ile çalıştınız mı?" ve "Bu hizmet sağlayıcısı ile yeniden çalışmak ister misiniz?" sorularına yanıt) girebileceğiniz sayfaya gitmek için "Adım 2/3'e geç (YÇİ bilgisi gir)" düğmesine tıklayın.

    Son olarak YÇİ girişlerinizi önizleme yaparak işlemek veya düzenlemek için "Adım 3/3'e geç (YÇİ girişlerini önizle)" düğmesine tıklamalısınız.

  • 12.13 - YÇİ girişlerimin görülmesine ilişkin olarak hangi seçeneklere sahibim?

    YÇİ bilgileri, profilinizin sağ üst köşesinde görüntülenir. Bu bilgilerin görülmesine ilişkin üç seçenek mevcuttur:

    a) Girişler, sadece profil sahibi tarafından görülebilir.

    Bu, varsayılan durumdur. Profiller, bu ayarla birlikte oluşturulur.

    Bu, özelliğin YÇİ girişi almamış yeni bir profilde nasıl görüneceği ile ilgilidir.

    WWA girişi aldıkta sonra şunu göreceksiniz:

    ... Ziyaretçiler ise şunu görecek:

    b) Girişler, ziyaretçiler tarafından görülebilir.

    "Ziyaretçilere göster" düğmesine tıklarsanız şunu göreceksiniz:

    Artık profilinize bakan ziyaretçiler, bu girişleri görebilecek:

    Giriş sayısına tıklanması durumunda girişler hakkında ayrıntılı bilgilerinin görüntülendiği bir kutu açılacaktır.

    c) YÇİ girişleri profil sahibi tarafından gizlenebilir.

    YÇİ girişlerinizi profilinize bakan ziyaretçilerden gizlemeyi tercih ederseniz bu özelliği sadece kendinize görünmemesini de sağlayabilirsiniz. Bunu yapmak için "Benden gizle" düğmesine tıklayın. YÇİ girişlerinin gelecekte görülebilmesini isterseniz tüm yapmanız gereken bir düğmeye tıklamak olacaktır.

    Bu durumda şunu göreceksiniz:

    Profilinize bakan ziyaretçiler hiçbir YÇİ izi görmeyecektir:

  • 12.14 - Can I display client feedback and testimonials elsewhere in my profile?

    Yes. The Project History provides the option to gather and display client and collaborator feedback on specific projects. Some translators also choose to select and reflect some client feedback in other sections of their profile, such as the "About me" section. Note that displayed feedback not collected through a system like the WWA system may be subject to requests for verification by site staff, in the interest of transparency and of protecting the integrity of the feedback system.

  • 12.15 - Bu özellik işverenlere de yarar sağlamak için mi tasarlandı?

    Evet. YÇİ verilerini dikkate alan işverenler, sözlü ve yazılı çevirmenleri daha etkili şekilde seçebilirler.

  • 12.16 - YÇİ hem hizmet sağlayıcılar (örn. sözlü ve yazılı çevirmenler) hem de işverenler için aynı anda nasıl yararlı olabilir?

    Çevirmen-işveren ilişkisi, ortaklık ilişkisidir, rekabet ilişkisi değildir. Örneğin YÇİ sistemi daha hızlı bağlantı döngüleri ve daha az deneme çevirisi sağlarsa bu, hem işverenler hem de hizmet sağlayıcılar için yararlı olacaktır.

    Blue Board, hem hizmet sağlayıcıları hem de işverenler için yararlı olan bir diğer araca örnek olarak verilebilir. Listede bulunan ve olumlu yorumlar alan işverenler, güvenirlik oranı artar ve Blue Board'a başvuran hizmet sağlayıcılarının projelerini kabul edip çalışmaya başlama sürelerini kısaltır.

  • 12.17 - Peki ya gizlilik? Müşterilerimin adlarını açıklayamam/açıklamak istemiyorum.

    Şu anda her girişte müşteri adı bulunmaktadır (isim vermeden giriş yapmak mümkün değildir). Bu nedenle gizlilik sözleşmeniz olan müşterilerinizi YÇİ girişi sağlamaya davet etmekten kaçınmalısınız.

  • 12.18 - Tek başına gizlilik sözleşmelerim yok ancak başkalarının kimin için çalıştığımı bilmesini istemiyorum. Müşterilerimin açığa vurulmasını nasıl engelleyebilirim?

    Hiçbir şey yapmanıza gerek yok. YÇİ girişleri, varsayılan olarak profilinizde görünmez. YÇİ girişlerini kendi isteğinize göre gösterip göstermemeyi seçebilirsiniz. Alınan *tüm* girişlerin gösterilip gösterilmeyeceğini kontrol edebilirsiniz. YÇİ girişlerini ayrı ayrı göstermeyi seçemezsiniz.

  • 12.19 - Başkalarının istenmeyen YÇİ girişi yapmasını engellemek isteyen üyeler ne yapmalıdır?

    BB/YÇİ ağından çıkmak mümkündür. Bunun için bu kullanıcıların istenmeyen girişleri kabul etmemesi ve başkaları adına YÇİ girişi yapmaktan kaçınmaları (YÇİ sistemi veya Blue Board aracılığıyla) gerekmektedir. Bir anlamda bu kullanıcılar, kullanıcılardan kendi adlarına giriş yapma hakkını alarak başkaları için giriş yapma hakkından feragat ederler.

    Bu seçenek, Blue Board'da YÇİ geribildirimi alınmasını engellemez ve var olan geribildirim girişlerinin silinmesine neden olmaz. Engellenen kullanıcılar, giriş yapmaya davet edilen başkaları adına giriş yapabilirler.

  • 12.20 - YÇİ girişlerini kaldırırsam potansiyel müşteriler, geribildirimlerin kötü bir çevirmen olduğum için görüntülenmesini istemediğimi düşünebilir. Müşterilerimi korumak için veya buna benzer bir sebeple bu özelliği kullanmamayı tercih ettiğimi açıklayan bir ifade yazabilir miyim?

    Elbette, bu tür bir yorum ekleyebilirsiniz.

  • 12.21 - Personel ve/veya moderatör denetimi var mı?

    YÇİ girişleri, görünmeden önce doğruluğu sağlama amacıyla değil, özelliğin amacına uygun olarak kullanıldığını teyit etmek amacıyla site ekibi tarafından onaylanmaktadır. Site ekibi üyeleri, talep üzerine destek sistemi yoluyla tartışmalı girişleri ve olası kötüye kullanımları inceleyip araştırabilmektedir.

    Moderatörler, YÇİ sisteminin yönetilmesine katılmaz.

  • 12.22 - YÇİ özelliği üyelerle mi sınırlı?

    Başlangıç olarak yeni geribildirim sisteminin tüm özellikleri, üyelik durumuna bakılmaksızın tüm site kullanıcılarına sunulacaktır. Gelecekte ise üye olmayan kullanıcılar tarafından yapılabilecek veya görüntülenebilecek giriş sayısı için üst sınır gibi üye olmayanlara uygulanacak bazı sınırlandırmalar olabilir.

  • 12.23 - Outsourcer says no invitation was received. What can I do?

    If an outsourcer to whom you sent a translator feedback request says no request was received, check that the email address used is correct. Also, you can suggest the outsourcer to check the spam folder of their email inbox and send a reminder message as described here.

    If no message is finally received, you can suggest the outsourcer to provide feedback directly by clicking "Give translator feedback" in your profile.

  • 12.24 - Bir giriş almama rağmen YÇİ öğesi, hızlı profil güncelleyicimde eksik görünüyor. Neden?

    Hızlı profil güncelleyici, sadece söz konusu giriş doğrulanan kimliğe sahip veya başka bir kullanıcıdan en az bir giriş almış olan bir işverenden geldiği takdirde görüntülenecektir. Bu şart, YÇİ sisteminin kötüye kullanılmasını engellemek için tasarlanmıştır.

  • 12.25 - Yeşil YÇİ tamamlama işaretini profilimde nasıl alabilirim?

    Profilinizin YÇİ alanında yeşil "eksiksiz" işaretini almak için aşağıdaki koşullardan en az birini yerine getiren bir profilden en az bir giriş almanız gerekmektedir:

    a) kimliği doğrulanmış bir profilden alınan bir giriş,

    b) üçüncü bir şahıstan en az bir giriş almış bir Blue Board kaydı,

    c) site üyesine ait bir giriş,

    d) en az 12 PRO KudoZ puanı

  • 12.26 - What does the "message received" line mean next to the clients' names that I requested WWAs from?

    The "message received" line that appears in your WWA "request entry" form next to the client that you requested a WWA entry from is just an email confirmation message to inform you that the email you sent them was received in their inbox.

    Now, you will just need to wait for the outsourcer to respond.

  • 12.27 - Yanlışlıkla yanlış bir çevirmen için YÇİ yorumu girdim. Bu girişi nasıl silebilirim?

    Lütfen yanlış girişi tanımlayan bir destek talebi gönderin.

  • 12.28 - I received translator feedback from an outsourcer I have never worked for. What should I do?

    If you are sure that the entry you received has been posted by an outsourcer you never worked for, please submit a support request and specify the entry.

    Remember that some outsourcers' profile names are different from their Blue Board titles or their company names. Make sure the outsourcer is not using a site name different from their company name and that you have not worked for this company in the past.

  • 12.29 - How can I edit a feedback comment / reply?

    In special cases, staff will edit comments accompanying translator feedback entries or replies to entries at the poster's request.

    To have a feedback comment or a reply edited by site staff, please submit a support request and specify the entry in which the comment / reply should be edited and the desired new text for the comment / reply.

  • 12.30 - The outsourcer I am looking for does not show as part of search results. What can I do?

    If you are looking for a specific outsourcer and they do not show as part of search results, make sure you are looking for the outsourcer's profile name (the name shown in their profile).

    Note that Blue Board titles are not always used as profile names by outsourcers. In cases in which the Blue Board title and the outsourcer's profile name are different, conducting a search for the Blue Board title will not produce any results.

    Also, make sure the outsourcer you are looking for has a profile at Some outsourcers with Blue Board records may have removed their profiles or may have not created any profile for their company. Remember that outsourcers must have an account with to submit WWA feedback.

  • 12.31 - Where can I see translator feedback statistics?

    To view feedback statistics, go to the translator feedback stats page.

  • 12.32 - Can a user receive translator feedback from family members or close associates?

    Translator feedback should not provided to family members or close associates, in order to maintain a certain level of transparency in the feedback system.

    See also general site rule 2 for more on why this policy may be enforced.

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  • 13 - Portfolio: my sample translations

  • 13.1 - How do I add sample translations to my Portfolio?

    To add more sample translations to your profile, choose "Portfolio/Sample Translations" in your Profile updater . Note that you should first complete every field ("language pair", "General field", "Specific field" and "Title"). Then, you should copy the sample of your translation from you PC and paste it in the "Source text" and "Target text" boxes. Notice that if you do not complete the required fields, your samples will not be saved. To save your samples, click on "Add translation".

  • 13.2 - How can I change the order of sample translations in my portfolio?

    The order of sample translations reported in profiles can be changed by selecting each sample in the list of samples in the "Professional history" section of the Profile updater and dragging them to the desired position, saving and updating changes after each movement by clicking on "Save and update profile" at the bottom of the page.

  • 13.3 - Can I toggle the visibility of the samples in my portfolio?

    No. You can either choose to enter samples which will be publicly visible to visitors to your profile or choose not to enter these samples. For the latter option you can tick the box next to "I choose not to enter any sample translations at this time" in the "Portfolio/Sample Translations" in the "Professional history" section of your Profile Updater.

    Another option would be to enter samples and removing the sensitive information you would not like to be disclosed. Make sure you are respecting confidentiality agreements when entering these samples.

  • 13.4 - How can I respect confidentiality agreements with clients while showing sample translations in my portfolio?

    If a translation you have done is subject to a confidentiality agreement, avoid adding this translation to your portfolio and try adding a sample text taken from the web or elsewhere instead. Remember that sample texts do not need to be long, but that two or three paragraphs should be enough.

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  • 14 - Project History

  • 14.1 - What is the Project History(SM)?

    The Project History(SM) system provides translators and interpreters with a convenient means of keeping a record of projects done, by language, field and other characteristics. Use it to organize your records, keep track of payments, etc.

    Additionally, the Project History(SM) system allows users to display general details of select projects in their profile pages, in order to communicate to potential clients and collaborators the nature of their past experience. With the clients' permission, client names and feedback can also be shown.

    When an outsourcer searches the directory for a translator or interpreter, the number of corroborating projects--in the field and pair--will be shown.

    It is also possible to keep track of, and optionally display, the names of colleagues who have worked with you on a project.

  • 14.2 - Who can use the Project History(SM) system?

    All site users are allowed full use of the Project History(SM) functionality.

  • 14.3 - How do I add a new project to my project history?

    To add a new project to your project history visit your Project history page. Select the Add a new project option from the menu to the left and you will be re-directed to the project form. Complete this form with all required information and click on Submit.

    Once you have submitted your project, you can make it visible in your profile by clicking on Make visible in the 'Actions' column, next to the project.

  • 14.4 - What type of projects can be listed?

    Use the Project History(SM) system to keep track of translation, interpreting, editing, proofreading projects that you have completed personally.

  • 14.5 - dışındaki müşterilerden aldığım projeleri listeleyebilir miyim?

    Evet, müşteriyle nasıl tanıştığınıza ve müşterinin'da kayıtlı olup olmadığına bakmaksızın her projeyi kaydedebilirsiniz.

  • 14.6 - I/my company managed a project. Should I list that?

    No--you should not list projects which you or your company has managed. The Project History(SM) system is intended for translators, interpreters, editors and proofreaders to keep track of work they have completed personally.

  • 14.7 - Is my Project History(SM) private?

    Yes--by default only you see the information that you enter into your project history.

  • 14.8 - I see other users' project histories. Why is that?

    It is possible to display general details of select projects from your project history, if you wish to. An overview of projects you have opted to show will appear in your profile page, under a tab marked "Project History". Displaying projects representative of your areas of expertise may be an effective means of marketing your services.

  • 14.9 - Müşteri isimlerinin kimi zaman diğer kullanıcıların proje geçmişinde gösterildiği dikkatimi çekiyor. Bir müşteri isminin görünüp görülmemesi nasıl belirlerir?

    Müşteri'nin ismi sadece iki tarafında bunu herkese açık olarak gösterilmesini kabul etmeleri durumunda gösterilir.

    Proje geçmişinize bir proje eklediğinizde, müşteri ismi'nin gösterilip gösterilmemesini tercih etmeniz istenir. Eğer müşteri'nin ismini göstermeyi tercih ederseniz, müşteriye otomatikman iznini isteyen bir email gönderilir. Bu izin alınır alınmaz, müşteri'nin ismi görünür olur.

  • 14.10 - İşveren "onayı" nedir?

    Bir proje girdiğinizde, size işveren "onayı" isteme seçeneği sağlanır. Eğer bunu isterseniz, işveren projenin gerçekleştiğini ve sizin açıklamanızın doğru olduğunu onaylama seçeneğine sahip olur.

  • 14.11 - How does outsourcer "feedback" work?

    Bir proje girerken mevcut olan diğer bir seçenek işverenden "geribildirim" istemektir. Bu istendiğinde , işverene sizinle olan deneyimini "olumlu", "nötr" veya "olumsuz" olarak ifade etme şansı verilir. Tek satırlık bir yorum da girilebilir.

    Müşteri geribildirimi oluşturmak etkili bir pazarlama yöntemi olabilir.

  • 14.12 - I sent a collaborator confirmation request and it seems it did not go through. What can I do?

    If you sent a collaborator confirmation request and your collaborator did not receive the email message requesting confirmation, try re-sending the request. To do so, click on "Edit" next to the project in the Project history page and enter your collaborator ID at the bottom of the project form. Re-send the invitation by clicking on "Submit".

  • 14.13 - How does my project history affect how I am shown in the directory?

    When a client searches for a translator in a specific language and field and your name is found, the number of *corroborated* projects you have in that field will be shown. Your position in the directory is not affected.

    Note that only projects that you make public will be considered for the purposes of directory listings.

  • 14.14 - How can making selections from my project history visible help me to meet new clients?

    Clients may be reassured to know that you have experience in the language pair and field in which they require service. By making select projects visible in your profile page, you communicate to potential clients the nature of your experience, and optionally, your track record in satisfying clients.

    What is more, because the number of corroborated projects (in field and pair) is shown when a client searches the directory, and because projects and keywords you make visible are likely to be indexed by Google, using the project history features is likely not only to reassure clients, but also to help them find your profile in the first place.

  • 14.15 - Can I keep track of, or display, who I have worked together with on my projects?

    Yes. If your colleague(s) are registered with (members or otherwise), you can associate their names with the project, for organizational purposes. You can also request corroboration of project details, and one line of feedback, and this will be displayed to others if you choose to make the project visible in your profile page.

  • 14.16 - Eğer işverenden olumsuz geribildirim alırsam projelerimi gizleyebilir miyim?

    Hayır. Bir projeyi işverene geribildirim için sunduğunuzda onu düzenleme, silme ve gizleme yetkisini kaybedersiniz. Eğer işveren size olumlu geribildirimde bulunursa projeyi silme yada gizleme yetkisini tekrar kazanırsınız.

  • 14.17 - Müşterim bana olumsuz/nötr geribildirim yaptı, bu herhangi bir yolla silinebilir mi/değiştirilebilir mi?, Proje Geçmişi de dahil olmak üzere, çevirmenler ve müşterileri arasındaki hiçbir anlaşmazlığa dahil olmayacaktır.

  • 14.18 - Proje Geçmişi(SM) listemdeki bir projeyi neden silemiyorum?

    Bir işverenden nötr yada olumsuz geribildirim alan bir projeyi silmek mümkün değildir. Onay bekleyen bir projeyi silmek de mümkün değildir.

  • 14.19 - My client never received a notification to review my project, can they still review it somehow?

    If your client does not receive a notification to review a project you submitted to them, they can still leave feedback. To do so, they can log into their account that is associated with their Blue Board record, and leave you feedback in their Outsourcer Control Center located here:

  • 14.20 - Sadece büyük projeleri mi eklemeliyim?

    No. Big projects are relevant, but describing smaller projects in narrowly defined fields may help show your expertise.

  • 14.21 - Bütün çalışmalarım mahremse projelerimi nasıl girebilirim?

    Sadece içinize sindiği kadar bilgi girmeniz gerekmektedir. Bir çok durumda, genel bir tanımlama istenen bilgiyi mahremiyete gölge düşürmeden iletmek için yeterli olabilmektedir. Aşağıda genel hatlarıyla tanımlanmış iki Proje geçmişi örneği görebilirsiniz. Hiçbir müşteri veya marka adından bahsedilmemiş, hiç özel detaylar verilmemiş, ve yinede olası müşteri üstesinden gelebileceğiniz proje türleri hakkında bir fikir sahibi olabilmektedir.

  • 14.22 - I don't want to ask my client for corroboration, what can I do?

    Again, the tool is for you to use according to your needs and preferences. You can include information about partners and clients, and even ask for their corroboration, or exclude this information. You can even keep your projects hidden from view and use the feature only for your internal, administrative purposes.

  • 14.23 - Ben bir sözlü çevirmenim, çok nadir yazılı çeviri yaparım (veya hiç yapmam). Proje geçmişi bana uygun değil. Profilimi nasıl tamamlayabilirim?

    "Proje ekle" sayfasına gittiğinizde, aşağı doğru açılan kutucuktaki seçeneklerden birinin (yazılı çeviri öntanımlı olmasına rağmen) sözlü çeviriler olduğunu göreceksiniz, böylece yaptığınız işin türü hakkında olası müşterilere daha iyi bir fikir vereceğinden dolayı sözlü çeviriye dayalı yapmış olduğunuz bir projeyi de girebilirsiniz.

  • 14.24 - Şu anda proje geçmişi bilgisi eklemek istemiyorum. Profilimi nasıl tamamlayabilirim?

    Eğer "Şu anda Proje Geçmişimi eklemek istemiyorum" seçeneğini seçerseniz ilgili alan profil tamamlanması açısından "tamamlanmış" olarak değerlendirilecektir. Ancak, proje geçmişinizi dahil etmeyerek güçlü bir pazarlama aracından faydalanamıyorsunuz.

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  • 15 - CV/resumé

  • 15.1 - How do I upload a CV / resume to my profile?

    You can upload a copy of your CV to your profile from the "Personalization" section of your Profile Updater. Select the language in which your CV is written, then browse your computer files system for your CV file and click on "Open". Then, check the box next to "I understand that uploading my CV/resume and setting its visibility to "Everyone" will allow my CV to be indexed by search engines such as Google. If I remove my CV from my profile later, it may take some time for this indexed information to also be removed from search engine caches." if you understand and agree to these terms and set visibility permissions for your file.

    "Show to everyone" will show your CV to anyone viewing, even if they do not have an account with the site or if they are not logged-in. "Show to logged-in users" will allow any user, not just paying members, to access your CV file. The "Show to paying members only" option will display your CV file to paying members only. Finally, the "Show to no-one" option will just keep your CV hidden from any site visitor while it is used by filters.

    Please make sure your CV is in .txt, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .odt format, and is no larger than 2 MB. Also, note that uses multiple webservers to handle user traffic. So, it is possible that when you upload anything via the Profile updater, it may take several minutes to become visible.

    And, remember, you can upload your CV in different languages and file formats to make sure that all potential clients visiting your profile can download it in the format that is more convenient for them and view it in a language they manage.

  • 15.2 - I uploaded an image/CV but it is not shown / can not be dowloaded. utilizes more than one web server. When you uploaded an image or a CV, it can take between several minutes and a half hour for the files to be copied to all the web servers. During this time, you may notice a blank where a photo should be, or, for CVs, you may get a "page not found" error. Please give it some time before submitting a support request.

    Note: You should assume that information you display in your CV will be indexed by search engines (you can, however, set the visibility level of your CV). If you choose to remove your CV later, it may take some time for this indexed information to also be removed from search engine caches.

  • 15.3 - How do I update/edit/replace my present CV/resume?

    To update your CV, go to the Personalization section of your Profile Updater and scroll down to the CV/Resume section. Click on Delete next to the CV you want to update. Once removed, upload the new version of your CV by selecting the language in which your CV is written from the Upload another CV in the drop-down menu and clicking on the Browse button to search your computer's file system for the document you wish to upload.

    Once you have chosen the document, check the agreement box and select a visibility permission for your CV. Finally, click on the Save and update profile button.

    Make sure your CV is in .txt, .pdf, .doc, .docx, or .rtf format, and is no larger than 250 KB. If you are a full member your CV may be up to 2 MB large.

    Also, remember that uses multiple webservers to handle user traffic. When you upload anything via the Profile Updater page, it may take several minutes to become visible.

  • 15.4 - How do I remove an old CV?

    To remove your CV, go to the CV/Resume section of your Profile Updater and click on Delete next to the CV you want to delete.

  • 15.5 - How can I delete my Resume/CV/Photo

    In your profile page, go to Settings. In the menu, choose Uploads. There, you will find a check box with the title “Delete current image” or “Delete current Resume/CV”. After checking it, click on “Submit”.
    Your Photo/Resume will be deleted. Please, remember that it might take several minutes to see the results.

  • 15.6 - The CV/resume file I uploaded to my profile is accessible from outside

    When you upload a CV/resume file to your profile, you must assume that the information it contains will be visible on the web --and that your file may be downloaded by anyone-- unless you set visibility permissions when uploading it (i.e. unless you specify that you do not want anyone, except for other members, to access your CV/resume file).

  • 15.7 - I deleted my profile/CV but Google still shows it.

    You should ask Google to delete that information from their Cache. You can do it here:

    Remember that in your new profile, in the Settings-Search Engine Settings, you have the option “Profile Indexing”
    You might select “Index” if you want search engines to store a snapshot of your profile page and
    “No index” if you do not want search engines to store a snapshot of your profile page.

    If you selected “Index” (default option), that information is stored in Google's cache and we just don't have a way to prevent Google from saving it.

    Also, note that we've just recently started the full removal of CVs. We original simply "un-linked" them from a profile in the event that someone did not actually intend to remove his or her resume. As our user base has expanded, this has lead to higher resource usage so we've started to completely remove them. From here on, if you remove a CV from your profile, it will be deleted from the servers within 15 minutes.

    Note: You should assume that information you display in your CV will be indexed by search engines. If you choose to remove your CV later, it may take some time for this indexed information to also be removed from search engine caches.

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  • 16 - About me

  • 16.1 - Can I use HTML code in the "About me" section of my profile?

    Yes. You can customize the "About me" section in your profiles by adding HTML code and some dynamic content such as instant messaging tools, clocks, hit counters, etc. Check the quick guide for creating ProZ profiles using HTML code tutorial to obtain some special effects.

  • 16.2 - How can I localize the content of the "About me" section of my profile?

    You can localize the content of your "About me" and other profile areas through the Profile localization page. You can also get to this page by clicking on 'Localize your content' in the "Settings" tab of your profile.

    Note: English version will not require localisation as it is a default language of, hence there is not version localized into English. You can add text for About me section in English directly from your main profile page by clicking on a pad and pencil icon.

  • 16.3 - There are extra line breaks in my profile and I can not get rid of them. What should I do?

    Here is why: every line break entered in the profile "background" form gets converted into a "br" tag in the html. In order to prevent the large spaces, you can not enter line breaks (by hitting enter) after your "td" and "tr" tags.

    This is not pure HTML, and we did it so that those without HTML experience could make reasonable profiles. Sorry for causing this confusion.

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  • 17 - Profile tabs

  • 17.1 - My "Visitors" tab

  • 1.1 - What is the "Visitor Tab"?

    The "Visitors" tab is for members only. The "Visitor" tab works like a hit counter, but does so much more than a traditional hit counter. The "Visitors" tab allows profile owners to keep track of how many hits they've received in the last 30 days, but it also provides information about who, what, where, and when their profile was visited.

    Note: The "Visitors Page" does not indicate who exactly visited your page by username or entity ID, likewise, when you visit a user's profile, he or she will not be able to see your username or entity ID on their "Visitors Page"; it only signifies the viewer type, for example an agency or freelancer or both.

  • 1.2 - What are the options to display crawlers' visits at the "Visitors Tab"?

    The "Visitors Tab" provides the following options for site users to filter the crawlers' visits results: "List by visitor", "List by each visit" and "List crawler visits". These options displayed at the bottom of the "Visitors Tab" page.

    Also, users can hide visitors information by clicking on [ Hide this visitor ] in the Action column. To restore a hidden visitor's visibility click on List excluded visitors button (at the bottom of the page), find an IP of a hidden visitor you want to make visible again and click on [ Remove this visitor ].

  • 1.3 - Who has access to my "Visitors Page"?

    No one other than you (the owner) has access to your "Visitors Page".

    Note: The "Visitors Page" is for (paying) members only.

  • 1.4 - Does the "Visitors Page" count my visits?

    No. Presently, the "Visitors Page" does not count your visits when you come to your profile page.

  • 1.5 - Will anyone see my username or entity ID on their "Visitors Page"?

    No. The "Visitors Page" does not indicate who exactly visited your page by username or entity ID, likewise, when you visit a user's profile, he or she will not be able to see your username or entity ID on their "Visitors Page". The "Visitors Page" only signifies the viewer type, for example an agency or freelancer or both.

  • 1.6 - Will anyone be able to link to my profile page from their "Visitors Page"?

    No. The owner will not be able to link to your profile page form their "Visitors Page". The owner will only have access to your IP address, which will enable them to locate you geographically.

    Note: The "Visitors Page" does not indicate who exactly visited your page by username or entity ID, likewise, when you visit a user's profile, he or she will not be able to see your username or entity ID on their "Visitors Page"; the "Visitors Page" only signifies the viewer type, for example an agency or freelancer or both. Also, the "Visitors Page" will indicate whether the viewer is a site member (highlighted in blue), ID verified, and the viewer's IP address, which can be used to locate the visitor geographically. Finally, the "Visitors Page" will indicate where the viewer came from, tabs viewed, last time visited, and the the total number of times the visitor has been to your profile page.

  • 1.7 - Someone is coming to my visitors tab multiple times, should I be worried?

    Those visits are coming primarily from a search engine crawler, which is what goes out and 'spiders' the internet for pages to be searchable.The visitor you had those multiple visits from is actually MSN, Yahoo or Google.

    So basically, no need for alarm, a machine is visiting your profile numerous times, not a human.
    If you'd like to find out some more information about this, feel free to take a look at this forum thread.

  • 1.8 - What can I find out with the IP Address?

    When you click on the IP address under the column on your "Visitors Page" you'll be redirected to the "Geobytes" website, which will enable you to locate your viewer geographically.

  • 1.9 - What does the "checkmark" under the viewer type signify?

    The "checkmark" under the viewer type signifies that visitor has been ID verified. Some of your visitors may or may not be ID verified; therefore, not all visitors will have checkmarks in that column. To find out more about getting ID verified, please read FAQ #7 in this section (Profile Page).

  • 1.10 - What does it mean by "Tabs Viewed"?

    The "Tabs Viewed" column indicates which tabs the viewer clicked on in your profile, or in other words, pages viewed of your profile. Presently, only three or less tab visits will be shown in this column.

    Note: Due to the number of subpages/tabs on the site, there may be entries in your "Tabs Viewed" column that you don't recognized or understand. However, overtime with more use of the function and more development, we will be able to identify those better in the near future. Thanks for being patient.

  • 1.11 - What exactly does the "Came From" column identify?

    The "Came From" signifies what page the viewer used to locate your profile. Whether they searched you on Google or clicked on your "featured pro profile" from the homepage, you'll see it under this column.

    Note: Due to the number of websites and site pages on, there may be entries in your "Came From" column that you don't recognized or understand. However, overtime with more development and use of the function we will be able to correct that problem. Thanks for being patient.

  • 1.12 - How do I add a hit counter to my profile page?

    There are many sites that offer "hit counter" code that you can put into your profile page to track how many people visit. One list of such counters can be found here.

    For new profiles, please refer to the current 'about me' section on the new profile page then paste the html code for your hit counter.

    To enter a counter into your old profile page, select My>My Settings->Basic Profile from the menu, and then paste the html code for your hit counter into the "info about areas of specialization" or "info about accomplishments" form fields.

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  • 17.2 - My "Personal" tab

  • 2.1 - Where and what is my Personal Tab?

    The �Personal Tab� can be found on the "My" home page . This feature allows you to create a personal web page by entering free-form HTML. Use your personal page to showcase your artwork, hobbies, and other information that would be out of place on your professional profile page.

  • 2.2 - Who can view my Personal Page?

    All users have access to view your Personal Page; however, you are the only one who can edit your Personal Page.

  • 2.3 - How do I use and enter HTML in my Personal Page?

    You can edit your "Personal Page" by clicking on the [edit personal page] link below the instructional text box. For an introduction to using HTML, please see Gianfranco Manca's HTML tutorial located in the instructional text box on your personal tab. Once you are done editing your Personal Page, click on the "save" button at the bottom of the text box.

  • 2.4 - Why isn't my HTML interface/design appearing correctly on my Personal Page?

    Most likey, the HTML tags that you have entered are not correct or are not allowed on the "Personal Page".
    A list of allowed tags are listed on top of the edit HTML text box.

    Also, in general, there is a closing tag for each tag and it is important that you don't forget them. Please double check to see if all of your tags have closing tags.

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  • 17.3 - Custom tabs

  • 3.1 - What are custom tabs?

    Custom tabs are extra tabs users and members can add to their profiles to provide additional information. Site members can add up to 3 extra custom tabs while non-members can add only one.

  • 3.2 - Why should I consider adding a custom tab?

    Custom tabs can be a good way of providing more or specialized information about your services or qualifications as a language professional.

  • 3.3 - How do I add a custom tab to my profile?

    To add a custom tab to your profile, all you need to do is go to the "Settings" tab of your profile. There you'll see the "Custom tabs" option. Just click there, add a title for your tab(s), and you can add content then and there, or after you have created the tab (after your tab is created, when you visit it you'll have the option there to edit).

  • 3.4 - How do I change the name of a custom tab?

    You can edit a custom tab name any time you want, by going back in to the "Settings" tab, "Custom tabs" and clicking on the edit icon next to the tab name you want to change.

    Note that the "About me" section of your profile is not a separate tab (you could make a tab dedicated to "about me"-related material, of course). While the content is customizable, the name of the "About me" section is not.

  • 3.5 - How do I add an image to a customised tab on my profile?

    To show an image in a custom tab (a scanned copy of a certificate, a photo, etc.), first you will have to upload the image to an image hosting website such as or

    Once your image is uploaded to these websites, they will provide you with a direct link to your image. Copy that link/URL and insert it in the following HTML formula:

    This is the complete formula you will copy and paste as the content of your extra customized tab.

    Note that the direct URL/link to your image must be preceded by the tag img src=" and followed by the tag ">.

    Also, make sure you give a name to your customized tab(s) which tells visitors without looking what they will find there.

    If you have trouble with any of this, just submit a support request to get help from the support team on this-- be sure to attach the image(s) you are working with to your request.

  • 3.6 - How do I remove a custom tab?

    To remove a custom tab you have created, go to the "Custom tabs" section of your profile from the "Settings" tab and click on the small "x" next to the title of the tab you want to remove.

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  • 18 - Wallet

    Your wallet can also be used in relation to Turnkey translations.

  • 18.1 - What is my wallet for?

    Your wallet is used to track payments you have made for items and services purchased through the site. Your wallet is not intended as a payment method or for use in transferring funds from one account to another.

  • 18.2 - Profil sayfam üzerinden ödemeleri nasıl kabul ederim?

    Maalesef (Profil sayfalarının sağ üst köşesinde yer alan) Ödemeler özelliği artık mevcut değildir.

  • 18.3 - Cüzdan kullanımı ücretleri nelerdir?

    Çoğu durumda, transfer yöntemlerine özel ücretlere ek olarak (örn. kredi kartı şirketince alınan %5.5 ücret, havale ücreti olarak banka tarafından alınan 35$'lık ücret vb.), %5 oranında bir ücret almaktayız. %5'lik ücreti sadece bir kez almaktayız; cüzdanınızdan "para çektiğinizde", %5 oranındaki ücreti ödemezsiniz.

    Bu fonksiyonu kullandığınızda, özel ücretler belirtilecektir.

  • 18.4 - How can I make a wallet deposit?

    To make a wallet deposit start here (or click on "Add Money to your Wallet" in your wallet page). Then, click on the amount you would like to deposit ($20 USD, $30 USD or $60 USD) and you will arrive at the purchase wizard. Enter your billing information and select a payment method for your deposit.

    If after making your purchase, the amount deposited is not credited to your wallet, please submit a support request and specify 1) the amount deposited; 2) the currency used; 3) the payment method selected; 4) the transfer date; 5) any other relevant information (bank name and account number, account holder's name, PayPal or Skrill email address, transaction ID, etc).

  • 18.5 - Cüzdandan para çekme işlemleri ne zaman yapılır?

    İstediğiniz zaman cüzdanınızdan para çekme işlemi için talepte bulunabilirsiniz; ancak para çekme işlemleri genellikle ay sonunda işleme alınır. Bir ödemenin durumunu kontrol etmek istediğinizde, yapılacak en iyi şey bir destek talebinde bulunmaktır.

  • 18.6 - What are the fees associated with wallet withdrawals? does not charge a fee for processing wallet withdrawals, but you are responsible for paying any third-party transaction fees. Because some withdrawal methods incur higher transaction costs, those methods require a minimum withdrawal amount in order to cover the transaction costs.

    Withdrawal methods:

    * PayPal (no minimum)
    * Check made out in US dollars ($25 minimum)
    * Wire transfer from a US bank (approx. $35 minimum, must exceed the sum of the transaction fees

  • 18.7 - How can I use funds received for Turn-key translations?

    Funds received in your wallet for Turn-key translations function as regular wallet deposits. This means that they can be used towards your purchase of membership. They can also be withdrawn from your wallet.

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  • 19 - Dynamic profile content

  • 19.1 - Why might some profiles include user-supplied dynamic content (javascript)?

    Some users have chosen to customize their profiles with dynamic content such as instant messaging tools, clocks, hit counters, etc. This dynamic content may be implemented in a scripting language such as javascript, which can be run by the viewer's web browser.

  • 19.2 - What are the risks of accepting dynamic content (i.e. running javascript) from a profile owner?

    Although such content is common on the internet and is likely harmless, there is a possibility that security risks may be involved. For example, a cross-site scripting attack might allow the profile owner to gain unauthorized access to the viewer's account. (See this cross-site scripting article on Wikipedia for details.)

    Because of this potential security risk, user-supplied dynamic content is only enabled in profile pages when the viewer has given permission.

  • 19.3 - How is dynamic profile content handled by

    If a profile contains dynamic content, a notice is shown at the upper-right of the page, indicating whether the dynamic content is enabled or disabled.

    If the profile owner is a member, the viewer is given the choice to see the profile with or without the dynamic content.

    If the profile owner is not a member, the dynamic content is always disabled.

  • 19.4 - How can I control whether dynamic content is enabled when I view a profile?

    If the profile owner is a member, the first time you view the profile you'll be prompted whether to enable the dynamic content. Your preference will be stored in a "cookie" in your web browser, so you won't be prompted again when viewing that member's profile in that browser. If you later wish to change your preference, and enable or disable the content, click the "settings" link in the dynamic content notice at the upper right of the page.

    Your preference applies only to that one member's profile. You have a separate preference setting for each member's profile with dynamic content.

    For reasons of security, there is no way to enable the dynamic content if the profile owner is not a member.

  • 19.5 - How can I add my instant messenger status to my profile?

    You can show your instant messenger status in your profile without including customized javascript. Click here to edit the instant messenger settings in your profile.

    If your instant messenger program isn't supported on that page, submit a support request to have it added to the list.

  • 19.6 - How can I include my Twitter feed in my profile?

    You can include your Twitter feed in your profile here. Just click on the "Social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)" tab and enter the necessary information.

  • 19.7 - How can I include a hit counter and visitor analysis in my profile without customized javascript? members have access to a profile hit counter and visitor analysis tool. See the "visitors" tab on your profile page.

  • 19.8 - Can I include CSS in my profile?

    CSS styles can be defined inline in your profile, inside of HTML <style> tags. External stylesheets are filtered unless the user viewer has allowed dynamic content.

  • 19.9 - Are iframes considered dynamic content?

    Yes, iframes are also considered dynamic content, and are handled the same way as javascript.

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  • 20 - Profile referrals

  • 20.1 - What are profile referrals?

    Profile referrals are member sources that are crosslinked to your profile and shown at the bottom right corner of your main profile page.

  • 20.2 - What are the benefits of showing referrals in my profile?

    Profile crosslinking / member referrals allow you to exchange links with members working in other languages or fields, whose work you know to be of a high standard. This could work to your benefit as it would shows you as part of the community, sharing with other professionals.

  • 20.3 - How do I enter referrals in my profile?

    You can enter referrals here or by clicking on "Referrals" under the "Settings" tab in your profile. Simply enter another member's ID in the "Add new referral" box en then click on "Select". This will allow you top chose a field and a language pair for which the other member can be a reference and a comment. Once you click on "Save", the referral will show in the "Referrals" section of your profile page.

  • 20.4 - How can I delete or hide a referral?

    You can hide or delete a referral by clicking on "Hide this referral" or "Delete this referral" in your referrals page.

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